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Every time you deal with an insurance company, realize your dealing with a 
theif. The more dealings I have with them, the more I realize it. My advise, 
get a lawyer that deals with insurance before you sign anything. Never bring a 
knife to a gunfight!

Michael R. Martin 


> Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2009 08:34:01 -0600
> Subject: [m-w] Next Step - Would be Appreciative of any opinions/advice 
> anyone has
> From: kathi.pieper@xxxxxxxxx
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> So, I got a call yesterday from John Niemeyer, insurance adjuster for
> American Family. He had been out of town all last week for a funeral
> - his 2-year-old nephew wandered into a pool area and drowned.
> He wanted to update me on several items. One was that he had spoke
> with Mike Blanchard, Aurora Fire investigator who has still not
> determined the cause of the fire. He has deemed it accidental with
> undetermined origin.
> John has a theory that the electrical meter may have been the cause.
> He was very concerned at how charred and destroyed the meter was
> inside and thinks that something malfunctioned in the meter, blew the
> glass cover off and sparks from the inside of the meter caused the
> fire. I mentioned to him again that the power went out for a couple
> of hours on Monday and that for the last month or so when the heater
> kicked on, the TV had been making a popping noise. I had no idea what
> might have been causing the popping and had mentioned it to Chris that
> I should probably have someone look at it but wasn't even certain who
> to contact.
> Anyway, I had to give John two recorded statements - one regarding the
> fire and another regarding my level of insurance coverage. Turns out
> that I am approximately $125,000 underinsured on the value of the
> house.
> John advised that he took a recorded statement from Steve on how he
> determined the value of the house. Steve used a software program and
> came up with an exact value on the house of $123,100. Best estimate
> on replacement is $225,000. John was quick to say that Steve did
> nothing wrong and that he will request reformation of the policy in
> order to cover the loss. He advised that what might be required is
> for me to come up with the difference in premiums from inception of
> the policy to date and the value of the policy would be changed to
> what it will actually cost to replace. He also told me off the
> recording that he had done these before, the software was faulty and
> that Steve had done nothing wrong.
> So - here is my question. When I bought the house, or was in the
> process of buying, I sent Steve the appraisal that I received that
> clearly stated that I was paying $129,000 and that the comps were
> between $168 and $186,000. Why would it be left up to me to pay the
> premium difference if they screwed up? Should I even be concerned with
> the amount of the difference in premium if they replace the house with
> a new and better one? I asked John how many deductibles they were
> planning to hit me with and he confirmed that there is only one - for
> the replacement of the house and not 3 for the three "buckets" of
> stuff - possessions, temp living and replacement of the house. John
> is saying that the premium difference will be less than $1000 but I
> guess I don't really agree with why I have to foot the bill for their
> mistake. He also told me that I have $92,400 on personal property and
> that his initial assessment is that we will exceed 80% of that based
> on the fire. Apparently that is also where the asbestos abatement
> money is supposed to come from - and the left over 20% is not near
> enough. Does that mean I will not get replacement of my
> possessions?????
> I was told not to worry about any of this and that it would take him
> approximately two weeks to get the decision from management on whether
> or not they would approve to reform the policy. Donnelle with ICA is
> supposed to have someone go over today and pull out the furniture
> (deja vu - I was told this two weeks ago) Dad made to see if it can be
> recovered.
> I am somewhat at my wits end and now second guessing how great I have
> been treated so far. It is almost like I have been wooed and the
> really ugly stuff is about to begin. John mentioned twice in the
> unrecorded portions of the call that I just needed to trust him and
> that he had dealt with these issues many times and would make certain
> all was handled in a just manner.
> Should I waiit and see or is it possibly time to find an attorney and
> take the chance that he will become wealthy and I will have a suitcase
> of charred shit to show for the last 58 years?
> Thanks for your advice
> Kathi

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