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Gli ho dato solo una scorta, ma la parola Linux è un pò ovunque...


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2001 Issue 24                         31 August 2001


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            Top Stories in This Issue

IBM Deploys Linux for Financial Services and
Sports, and Adds Linux Security Offerings
  under "Linux"

IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite is First
to Support Linux on Mainframe Systems
  under "e-commerce"

IBM xSP Prime Program Extends and
Rebrands Service Provider Initiative
  under "Service Provider Solutions"

Lotus LearningSpace 5.0 Combines Self-Paced,
Collaborative, and Real-Time e-learning
  under "Distributed Learning / Learning Systems"



IBM Deploys Linux for Financial Services and
Sports, and Adds Linux Security Offerings


  IBM is working with the financial services and
  sports industries to move key applications to
  Linux**. Also, new IBM Linux security offerings
  meet the demands of financial services customers,
  and two new Linux-based IBM eServer* systems meet
  the space requirements and power demands of the
  telecommunications industry. (Also see next item)

Securities Industry Automation Corp. Shifts Key
Application to Linux on IBM eServer Mainframe


  The Securities Industry Automation Corp. is moving
  its ARTMAIL application to Linux. ARTMAIL, which
  includes IBM software, gives stockbrokers daily
  activity reports about their trades. ARTMAIL was
  ported from Sun SPARC** servers to an IBM eServer
  zSeries* mainframe running Linux virtual servers.

Tivoli Extends Linux Support to Its
Security and Web Management Software


  Tivoli is extending its support for Linux to its
  security and Web management software. Tivoli now
  supports Linux in many of its e-business
  infrastructure management solutions, including
  security, storage, performance, availability,
  configuration, and operations. See a list of
  Tivoli products that support Linux at
  http://www.tivoli.com/products/linux/ .

Updated IBM Software for Linux Web Site
Affirms that Linux is Ready for e-business


  IBM's updated Linux software Web site
  (ibm.com/linux/software) affirms that Linux is
  ready for e-business. The updated site features
  more Linux applications, examples of real
  customers using real business applications, the
  IBM Software Solutions Guide for Linux, and more.
  (Also see next item)

In IBM's New Software Solutions Guide for
Linux, See How Linux is Ready for e-business

 (requires Adobe Acrobat** Reader 4.0)

  The new, 16-page IBM Software Solutions Guide for
  Linux describes IBM software available for Linux,
  along with example Linux applications from ISVs
  such as SAP and ACCPAC, and example Linux customer
  references from Korean Air and Future Cellular.

US Open Serves Up Web Pages with Linux and IBM


  The official Web site of the US Open Tennis
  Tournament is using Linux to handle site traffic.
  Linux and AIX*, running on IBM eServer systems,
  provide the required flexibility, reliability, and
  scalability. The Linux servers are clustered using
  IBM Cluster Systems Management software, similar
  to IBM Linux supercomputers installed worldwide.

IBM Gives Colorado State University $21.6 Million
Mainframe System, Enabling Students to Use Linux

 (uppercase required as shown)

  IBM will give Colorado State University a
  mainframe system valued at $21.6 million to
  make the university a national technology hub.
  The mainframe will be partitioned into thousands
  of virtual, stand-alone servers. Every student
  will have a personal Linux server, and multiple
  servers will be connected so that students can get
  hands-on training in network systems management.

Turbolinux Releases z/Linux 6.5 for IBM
eServer zSeries and S/390 Mainframe Computers


  Turbolinux has released its z/Linux** 6.5 for IBM
  eServer zSeries and S/390* mainframe servers,
  combining the uptime of Linux with the management,
  monitoring, and control in z/VM* that far exceeds
  any operating environment found on distributed
  systems. Enterprises can reap huge cost savings
  from consolidating dozens of servers into one.

Linux Glossary for Windows Users


  A new Linux glossary for Windows** users explains
  175 terms, acronyms, and abbreviations common to
  Linux. The glossary also links to many other
  sources of terminology.

IBM Research Demonstrates Linux on
IBM 4758 Secure Cryptographic Processor


  IBM Research has demonstrated Linux running on the
  IBM 4758 secure cryptographic processor, which
  handles electronic coupon dispensing, Internet
  postage meters, signatures for digital documents,
  and intellectual property protection. Compared to
  the CP/Q operating system, Linux makes it easier
  to migrate applications to the secure environment.

>From DominoPower: "IBM is Giving
Peace, Love, and Linux a Chance"


  In an interview with DominoPower magazine, IBM's
  director of Linux solutions marketing says that,
  because Linux is open-source, it can go onto the
  entire IBM eServer line. IBM wants to be relevant
  in Linux with hardware, software, and services --
  the whole infrastructure. For IBM, Linux has
  become a kind of rallying point.


IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite is First
to Support Linux on Mainframe Systems


  IBM WebSphere* Commerce Suite V5.1, now available
  on Linux for the IBM eServer zSeries, is the
  industry's first e-commerce offering for
  enterprises running Linux. WebSphere Commerce
  Suite, Pro Edition for Linux for IBM eServer z900
  and S/390, V5.1, supports global, multicultural
  e-commerce and mobile computing.

Barclays Chooses IBM for e-business Enablement


  Barclays Bank has committed to using IBM software
  to build its e-business infrastructure. The bank
  will use IBM middleware - Lotus, Tivoli, DB2*, and
  the WebSphere platform -- to implement business
  Internet banking, and new delivery platforms in
  Barclays European businesses.

            Service Provider Solutions

IBM xSP Prime Program Extends and
Rebrands Service Provider Initiative


  The IBM xSP Prime* program extends and rebrands
  IBM's current service provider initiative, ASP
  Prime*, targeting a wider spectrum such as Web
  hosters, Internet data centers, and storage
  providers. Offerings include business design
  workshops, financial modeling tools, technical
  strategy workshops, and xSP Prime online.

     Distributed Learning / Learning Services

Lotus LearningSpace 5.0 Combines Self-Paced,
Collaborative, and Real-Time e-learning


  The Lotus LearningSpace** 5.0 e-learning platform
  offers a redesigned, customizable student
  interface; new collaboration features; enhanced
  performance and scalability; new integration
  tools; and better integration with Lotus Domino**.
  It combines self-paced, collaborative, and real-
  time e-learning capabilities in a single platform.
  (Also see next item)

Lotus LearningSpace 5.0 Brings e-Learning to New
Levels: Interview with Mindspan Solutions Director


  IBM's director of Mindspan Solutions discusses new
  features in Lotus LearningSpace 5.0, including
  customizability, a Java**-based client, easier
  document sharing, and the enhanced user interface.
  He highlights the support and delivery of live,
  collaborative, and online content in V5.0.

Mobile Computing Gets A-Plus as Schools Flock to
IBM for Wireless ThinkPad Computers for Students


  Students at nearly two dozen schools of higher
  education will use wireless IBM ThinkPad* systems
  when school resumes. The wireless adoption enables
  student collaboration, more student-to-teacher
  communications using e-mail, and more independent
  research and customized course work.

                Security / Privacy

IBM B2B Security Initiatives Focus on Identrus
Standard for e-commerce and User Authentication


  New IBM security initiatives focus on Identrus,
  the standard for B2B e-commerce trust and user
  authentication. IBM will open an "Identrus Ready"
  applications testing laboratory, offer "Identrus
  Compliant" products, and provide consulting
  services. Also, IBM WebSphere e-infrastructure
  software, DB2 Universal Database, and IBM eServer
  hardware are now Identrus Compliant.

Tivoli Intrusion Manager 3.7 Enables
Effective Security Management

 (uppercase required as shown)

  Tivoli Intrusion Manager 3.7, an entry-level
  security product, enables quick implementation of
  a solution to mitigate and manage intrusions, and
  to protect networks and Web servers. It offers a
  single event and problem management screen
  monitors events on up to 20 systems; advanced
  event correlation; and reporting / analysis.

IBM Systems Journal Focuses on End-to-End Security


  Volume 40, Issue 3 of the IBM Systems Journal
  contains nine papers about end-to-end security,
  including methods for authenticating valid users;
  secure software, hardware, and architecture; and
  how to prevent, or at least to detect, intruders.

         Customer Relationship Management

Siebel e-business Applications Available
across Entire IBM eServer Product Line


  Siebel Systems' eBusiness Applications** are now
  available for the IBM eServer iSeries*. This makes
  Siebel's applications available across the entire
  IBM eServer product line, allowing companies of
  all sizes to use a single source of customer
  information to enhance customer service across
  multiple channels.

     Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing

IBM Data Warehousing Initiative Enables
Migrating NCR Teradata Users to DB2


  IBM is extending its DB2Now! program to enable the
  migration of existing Teradata** customers to an
  IBM DB2 data warehouse. The DB2 Now! Teradata
  conversion program offers a complimentary, two-day
  migration study that provides a functionality
  comparison, an overview of the migration process,
  and a savings estimate.

Raley's Supermarkets Chooses IBM Data Warehouse
Technology for Next-Generation e-business


  The Raley's supermarket chain expects to save US$3
  million in five years from migrating its data
  warehouse from NCR Teradata to IBM DB2 on the IBM
  eServer zSeries platform. Raley's data warehouse
  also uses the IBM TotalStorage* Enterprise Storage
  Server*, Tivoli Storage Manager**, and IBM
  WebSphere Application Server for development.

          Application Development / Java

DOWNLOAD: IBM WebSphere Studio Entry Edition V4.0


  Download IBM WebSphere Studio Entry Edition V4.0,
  with new features that include support for JSP 1.1
  and Servlet 2.2, the IBM WebSphere Everyplace
  Suite Systems Development Kit, improved support
  for pervasive devices, and VisualAge* for Java
  Professional Edition V4.0.

New IBM WebSphere Developer Domain Zone Offers
Best Practices for Programming in WebSphere


  The IBM WebSphere Developer Domain's new Best
  Practices zone offers proven programming
  techniques for WebSphere Application Server.
  Later, the zone will expand to cover server
  administration, performance, security, planning,
  and other aspects of Web site development.

IBM Patterns for e-business: Navigating You
to a New Generation of e-business Applications


  A new topic on IBM developerWorks* covers Patterns
  for e-business, a group of reusable assets that
  can speed the process of developing applications.
  The site breaks down these assets into business
  patterns, application and runtime topologies,
  product mappings, and guidelines.

Fly-on-the-Wall Technique: An Unobtrusive and
Inexpensive Way to Collect Valid Customer Data


  The Fly-on-the-Wall (FOTW) technique is an
  unobtrusive, low-cost, low-overhead way to collect
  timely, valid data about customer needs and
  priorities. Compared to focus groups, FOTW offers
  faster setup, data collection, and processing.

                  Voice Systems

IBM ViaVoice Release 9 Comes in Four
Editions for Every Level of User


  IBM ViaVoice* for Windows Release 9 comes in four
  editions -- Pro USB, Advanced, Standard, and
  Personal -- designed to appeal to every level of
  user, from beginners to power users. Release 9
  reflects three decades of IBM computer voice
  recognition research and development.

     Data, Content, and Knowledge Management

IBM Content Manager CommonStore for Exchange
Server V7.2 Supports e-mail Archive, Retrieval

 (uppercase required as shown)

  IBM Content Manager* CommonStore for Exchange**
  Server provides an archive management system for
  accessing and retrieving e-mail messages and
  attachments that were archived from Microsoft
  Exchange 2000 servers and Outlook** 2000.

IBM Content Connector for Panagon Image Services
V7.1 Simplifies Enterprise Content Access

 (uppercase required as shown)

  IBM Content Connector for Panagon Image Services
  V7.1 enables IBM Enterprise Information Portal
  (EIP) users to access the contents of FileNET
  Panagon Image Services servers and IBM Content
  Manager repositories. It simplifies searches by
  correlating disparate attributes into common
  search criteria.

DB2 V7.2 a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner; DB2
Family Has 12 Windows 2000 Server Certifications


  IBM DB2 V7.2 has gained Microsoft Gold Certified
  Partner membership, and the DB2 V7.2 product
  family has earned 12 Windows 2000** Server logo
  certifications. DB2 Universal Database has passed
  a controlled, independently verified testing
  process to take maximum advantage of Windows 2000.

Lotus On-Demand Webcast: Expertlink -
Lotus' Own Knowledge Management Solution


  View an on-demand Web broadcast about Expertlink,
  Lotus' own knowledge management (KM) solution.
  Expertlink, based on Lotus KM products, has
  enhanced Lotus' efficiency in answering product-
  related questions, cutting average response time
  from weeks to days. It is also a showcase of how
  Lotus benefits from using its own products.

Computerworld: IBM Enlists
ISVs in War against Oracle

 (uppercase required as shown)

  Computerworld says "Strategic alliances with
  independent software vendors (ISVs) have proved to
  be a successful way for IBM to gain new customers
  for its DB2 database software. ... Studies by
  industry analysts also point to a direct link
  between Oracle's worsening relationship with
  various ISVs and the changing fortunes of DB2."

              Technology Management

Tivoli Manager for IBM MQSeries V2R4 Manages
MQSeries across Host and Distributed Environments

 (uppercase required as shown)

  Tivoli Manager for IBM MQSeries* lets you install,
  configure, and administer multiple MQSeries
  objects from one location. V2R4 manages MQSeries
  V5.2 in distributed, OS/400*, and OS/390* host
  environments, and supports Windows 2000.

Tivoli Certifies Brocade and IBM Storage
Networking Infrastructure as Tivoli Ready


  Tivoli has certified the Brocade SilkWorm** family
  of fabric switches, and the IBM storage area
  network (SAN) Fibre Channel Switches produced by
  Brocade, as Tivoli Ready*. With Brocade fabric
  switches, users can connect servers with storage
  devices through a SAN, creating a reliable,
  manageable environment for storage applications.

Tivoli, F5 Networks to Offer e-business
Infrastructure Management in Asia / Pacific

 (URL redirects to Internet Wire site)

  Tivoli and F5 Networks will deliver e-business
  infrastructure management offerings throughout
  Asia / Pacific, including security, performance,
  availability, intelligent traffic and content
  management, and load balancing for IP networks.

Tivoli Security Management Software Takes Top
Honors in VARBusiness Annual Report Card Survey


  Tivoli has won first place in the Security
  Management Software category in the VARBusiness
  16th Annual Report Card survey of more than 5,000
  solution providers. Tivoli also placed first in
  the support subcategory, and tied for first place
  in the product / pricing subcategory.

                Enterprise Portals

IBM, Atomica Deliver Context-Specific Answers
to Users of IBM WebSphere Portal Server


  IBM and Atomica offer the Atomica Enterprise**
  portlet solution as an answer delivery platform
  for users of IBM WebSphere Portal Server. When
  combined with Atomica's Topic Warehouse solution,
  every word and phrase in the IBM portal becomes a
  link to context-sensitive information from any
  source, whether company-internal or external.

          e-business Software Platforms

IDC's Latest Software Market Study Finds
IBM WebSphere Number 1 in Asia / Pacific

 (URL redirects to Internet Wire site)

  In its latest software market study, IDC says IBM
  WebSphere leads the Asia / Pacific application
  server software platform (ASSP) market in share
  and growth. IBM soared to a 19.1 percent share in
  2000. With a 258 percent growth rate in 2000,
  WebSphere far outperformed the industry.

IBM Launches On-Demand Webcast Series
about IBM WebSphere Software Platform

 (URL redirects to Internet Wire site)

  Using the ITworld.com broadband content delivery
  platform, IBM has launched an on-demand series of
  Web broadcasts about the IBM WebSphere software
  platform and the WebSphere developer solution.
  WebSphere is e-infrastructure software for
  developing, deploying, and integrating
  next-generation, e-business applications.

              For Business Partners

New Benefits in IBM PartnerWorld for Software
for Advanced and Premier Level Business Partners

 (URL redirects to Internet Wire site)

  In IBM's PartnerWorld* for Software program for
  2002, Advanced and Premier level Business Partners
  will gain new benefits such as an IBM sales
  contact, and technical and sales mentoring. IBM
  will also increase support for skills enablement.

                Storage Solutions

IDC Report: IBM "Brings the Mountain to
Mohammed" with TotalStorage Solution Centers

 (URL redirects to Internet Wire site)

  A new IDC report, "Bringing the Mountain to
  Mohammed: IBM's TSSCs One Year Later", says IBM
  is primed to retake the lead in the networked
  storage arena with its TotalStorage Solution
  Centers (TSSCs) program for channel partners. The
  centers allow Business Partners to demonstrate the
  value of IBM storage networking solutions.

IBM Enterprise Storage Server Exceeds
Xand Corporation's Data Storage Demands

 (URL redirects to Internet Wire site)

  Service provider Xand Corp. has selected the IBM
  TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server to replace
  its EMC system. Xand tapped IBM to implement a
  storage area network (SAN), optimized to scale and
  support thousands of users. With IBM's SAN, Xand
  has a separate, high-speed network to manage and
  protect its customers' data.

Indiana University Brings Ancient Cities "Back to
Life" Using IBM High Performance Storage System

 (URL redirects to Internet Wire site)

  Threatened archaeological sites will come "back to
  life" in a digital preservation project at Indiana
  University that uses IBM's High Performance
  Storage System* (HPSS). With HPSS, researchers can
  collaborate from anywhere, and create digital
  libraries with rapid access to scientific data,
  experimental findings, books, or illustrations.

                  Life Sciences

IBM, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Pool Talents to Examine Diseases


  Massive computing power and biology are coming
  together in a big way as IBM and the Oak Ridge
  National Laboratory pool their talents. IBM's Blue
  Gene research project will help to study climate,
  advance the field of nanotechnology, and gain a
  better understanding of gene sequences and how
  protein folding relates to diseases.

IBM Life Sciences Executive Discusses
Convergence of IT and Biology

 (uppercase required as shown)

  In an interview with Frost and Sullivan, IBM's
  vice president of Life Sciences solutions
  discusses the explosive growth ahead for life
  sciences, and the roles of data gathering,
  computational challenges, and open standards in
  the current convergence of IT and biology.

               Consulting Services

Port of Seattle Taps IBM as Its
e-business Technology Consultant


  The Port of Seattle has named IBM its technology
  consultant to help in integrating e-business
  strategy and technology across the city's seaport
  and airport. The Port of Seattle will work with
  IBM on everything from information architecture
  that supports new services, to developing and
  implementing Web-based products.

              Everywhere Computing

Learn about IBM Pervasive Technologies at
developerWorks Event, 11 September in Seattle


  At IBM's developerWorks* event on 11 September in
  Seattle, learn about IBM's Pervasive Computing
  Advanced Technology Laboratory. The lab's founder
  will present pervasive technologies that integrate
  open, standards-based applications into everyday
  life. Connect with other developers for a night of
  free education, entertainment, food, and drink.

               Industry Solutions

IBM, Dassault Systemes Boost Computer-Aided Design
Program at California State University Northridge


  IBM and Dassault Systemes are providing a
  significant investment in CATIA** Solutions
  software and services to boost the development of
  a computer-aided design software curriculum at
  California State University in Northridge. The
  unique training program has seen an overwhelming
  demand from students and working professionals.

             Supply Chain Management

Executive Seminar Series about Private Trading
Exchanges Visits Three US, UK Cities in September


  Learn all about private trading exchanges in a
  complimentary, half-day executive seminar from IBM
  and QAD in Atlanta, Boston, and Warwick UK during
  September. Hear why private trading exchanges are
  a strategic solution, and see private trading
  exchange solutions in action.

                Operating Systems

Get the Lowdown about IBM Project
Regatta, the Upcoming POWER4 UNIX Server


  Get the lowdown about IBM Project Regatta, the
  upcoming POWER4 UNIX** server. Join Agent Delta-3
  as he uncovers the mighty server that will run IBM
  AIX* 5L. View the movies or read the screenplays.

Research Firm Gives IBM AIX 5L High Ratings as
an Operating System for Emerging e-Infrastructures


  Research firm Andrews Consulting Group says AIX*
  5L, IBM's UNIX** operating system, leads in
  crucial areas such as partitioning and price /
  performance. The firm says new features in AIX 5L
  reflect IBM's understanding of how IT
  infrastructures will evolve into e-infrastructures
  during the next several years.

Consultant White Paper: "IBM AIX 5L, Examination
of a Next-Generation UNIX Operating System"


  In a new white paper, Andrews Consulting Group
  says "As a strategic embodiment of IBM's
  e-infrastructure philosophy, AIX 5L offers UNIX
  customers a robust platform for database,
  transaction, and application server deployments".
  Read the full paper.

           e-business Hosting Services

IBM e-business Hosting Seminar,
11 September in San Jose


  Come to IBM's e-business hosting seminar on 11
  September in San Jose to score a hole-in-one with
  improved e-business performance. Hear about new
  technologies and trends, IBM e-business hosting,
  and IBM sports marketing. Then, take advantage of
  SwingCam technologies to improve your golf swing.

IBM Wins Web Hosting Magazine's "Best Hosts" Award


  IBM has won a Best Hosts award from Web Hosting
  magazine, for "evidence of financial stability,
  positive and well-managed growth, competitive
  range of services, industry reputation, and
  management enthusiasm". IBM was singled out for
  its Web hosting solutions.


Lotus iNotes Web Access Complements Lotus Notes,
and Offers Significant Business Advantages


  A Lotus manager explains why Lotus' latest Web
  client offering, iNotes Web Access**, offers
  significant business advantages; how it
  complements the existing Lotus Notes** client; and
  why it offers what the competition cannot.

SPX Re-Engineers with Lotus
Knowledge Management Portfolio


  Lotus Knowledge Management products enable SPX
  Corp. to transform its operations. The Lotus CEO
  Business Collaboration Bundle includes tools for
  greater collaboration and efficiency. Employees
  share presentation slides during teleconferences
  using Lotus Sametime**. Others swap project
  documentation with Lotus QuickPlace**.

Smart Business Magazine: Lotus Tools Help
General Electric in "a Myriad of Ways"

 (URL redirects to Smart Business site)

  In its list of the latest Smart Business 50 --
  companies that have embraced the Net to expand and
  enhance their business -- Smart Business magazine
  says "General Electric has turned the Internet
  inward to use it as a powerful collaboration
  platform". GE "has made a huge commitment" to
  Lotus QuickPlace and Sametime, which "streamline
  the company's communication in myriad ways".

Lotus QuickPlace Sets Up Virtual Work Sites
to Give Campers a Worldwide Experience


  At the recent Camp EXITE! (Exploring Interests in
  Technology and Engineering), 600 middle-school
  girls from 21 locations worldwide used Lotus
  QuickPlace to collaborate. The young women worked
  on activities as diverse as Web page and computer
  chip design, and shared experiences by posting
  their results in QuickPlace sites.

                   IBM eServer

IBM eServer iSeries V5R1
Software Components Enhanced

 (uppercase required as shown)

  Several V5R1 software components for the IBM
  eServer iSeries have been enhanced, including
  OS/400, Connect for IBM eServer iSeries, HTTP
  Server for iSeries, and Domino for iSeries. Also,
  Extreme Support Personalized simplifies fix
  maintenance assistance, helps in calculating your
  need for more disk drives, and improves PM/400e
  and Web registration for support functions.

Oak Ridge National Lab Selects IBM eServer
POWER4 Supercomputer for Global Warming Research


  Oak Ridge National Laboratory will install an IBM
  eServer supercomputer for research in global
  warming. The machine will use IBM eServer POWER4
  technology to achieve a peak performance of four
  trillion calculations per second.

                 ibm.com Commerce

IBM DB2 Universal Developer's Edition
Offered at Half Price through 29 November

 (no final slash)

  Explore IBM DB2 V7.2 at half price when you
  purchase the DB2 UDB Universal Developer's Edition
  V7.2 at ibm.com by 29 November. DB2 UDE lets you
  evaluate, develop, and test e-business solutions
  on the whole family of DB2 server products and
  related tools. (Offer good in US only.)

            Consumer and Home Products

IBM Launches New Logo for Consumer
Products, Starting with NINTENDO GAMECUBE


  IBM will complement its global brand with a new
  logo for consumer electronics devices that use IBM
  technology. The upcoming NINTENDO GAMECUBE** will
  be the first to carry the logo on its external
  packaging, followed by a host of other electronic
  devices made by companies that purchase technology
  or intellectual property from IBM.

                   General News

eWeek: IBM Software Chief Tells How IBM
Minimizes Risk in Software Implementation


  In an eWeek interview, IBM Software chief Steve
  Mills says that, to minimize the risk of software
  implementation, IBM encourages customers to do
  benchmarks, and dedicates people to assist. Also,
  IBM brings the right resources to bear -- 25,000
  technical people, including 6,000 in the field.

>From CNET News.com: IBM's Big Thinker

 (URL redirects to CNET News.com site)

  In an interview with CNET News.com, IBM's Dr.
  Irving Wladawsky-Berger expounds on IBM research,
  open source, e-infrastructure, Linux, Web
  services, grid computing, and the big picture five
  years from now.


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