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Greeting Everyone,

Here is the latest article with another one to follow shortly called "A New MAN". If you have not read the articles listed at the bottom of this post, particularly "The Song Of LIFE", parts 2 to 5, we suggest you do because they will help you to fully comprehend the big picture and to put all the missing pieces of the big picture puzzle together, found in the information we are sharing here.

We have unravelled "The System" and how we are brainwashed into supporting and maintaining it. We can explain this very clearly but we find that the brainwashing of "The System" is so effective that very few see it for what it is and thus remain trapped by it. Most men and women are so taken over by their belief systems that they are unable to listen to or read anything without placing the information of their belief systems over the information they are reading or hearing. Instead of taking in the information on offer and seeing how their belief systems measure up to the information, they take the information on offer and see how it measures up to their belief systems. If it doesn't fit in, the information is tossed out the door. It is a real challenge to learn to contemplate on information without clouding the message of that information with the information of our past experiences and our beliefs. Like black paint dripping into white so that it is no longer pure white, we cannot comprehend the message of new information while we are dripping our experiences and beliefs into it.

If we do not learn to truly scrutinise what we believe to be true, searching for the evidence to back those beliefs and being prepared to move on in the search of truth as soon as our beliefs fail to stand, we will never be free because we will cling to that which we believe to be true and stand at arms against any information that threatens our beliefs. This is the state of affairs now; millions arguing and fighting over belief systems, convinced that everything will be alright if only everyone thought like them.

From a very young age, we are trained to learn and base our lives on the information of "The System", superimposing it over the information of LIFE/nature that can show us how to live freely in peace. Our greatest challenge is to learn to recognise the difference between the two because, no matter how much we long for a world of freedom, peace, joy and abundance for ALL, we will never achieve it while we are using the information of "The System". Only the information of LIFE can return us to LIFE.

Fiona Cristian vs SDRO Part Ten: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/7500

We will also be sending out the latest in the Arthur v SDRO documentation, with evidence that they are determined to force him into involuntary servitude = SLAVERY. Even though the SDRO knows Arthur has no assets, money, savings, bank accounts, has received no government hand outs since 2006, has provided many affidavits of poverty, a statement of financial affairs, has offered to pay .50c per fortnight by finding money on the streets. They have now suspended his drivers licence, presumably thinking that this will enable to him to suddenly have funds to pay the fine when there were none before. Arthur is being punished for NON-COMPLIANCE. Arthur only keeps the licence so that he can drive the children around without the threat of having them witness his arrest, and exposing them to the fear and trauma which would then be part of their psychological character traits, something that 3 year old Xanthe was exposed to when Fiona was kidnapped in February 2009. Even though she was just two, she remembers the incident clearly and talks about it and Police and why they kidnap people. We want to protect the children from this harm but those re-presenting the SDRO (or any living man or woman in "The System") obviously feel no duty of care towards our children. They would prefer to put Arthur into a position where they can arrest him than to ensure the well being of his children and the family. We will be posting a letter received from the NSW Ombudsman and a letter to Fiona from the SDRO. As usual, the pieces of paper are being shuffled from desk to desk and no one is taking responsibility. Everything is still left open for them to come after Fiona, break into her home, to rape, pillage and plunder, stealing her belongings, putting the onus on her to prove that the stuff is hers which involves taking them to court (exhausting her LIFE-energy). Fiona and Arthur have already provided more than enough incontrovertible evidence to prove that everything is hers. What they are really saying is that anyone in your family can be held responsible for your actions.

Do those behind the SDRO want us to be feeling fear now? Should someone who has not broken the peace, has committed no crime and caused no harm or injuries, there are no injured parties, be scared of the Powers That Be? Are they there to protect us or to harm us?
Interesting how we received three more death threats over the past few weeks and going back over the past months or so, takes the total of death threats 12. And going back around 5 months, there's the three attempts on Arthur's life over a 12 week period, the last one with little Xanthe in in the back seat of Fiona's family car. A few weeks ago we also received a threat from someone claiming to work for the Department of Community Affairs (DOCS) saying our children were going to taken away from us.
Gifts to Support Fiona, Children & Love For Life
We are still struggling financially and are finding it extremely challenging to make ends meet, meaning that there are lose ends, financially speaking, everywhere. We have some urgent repairs to make on Fiona's car so, if anyone feels inspired to provide any gifts towards that, she would be extremely grateful. The cost (worst case scenario) is around $1400.00. Fiona managed to pay for the rego as she had some money saved for that purpose but she doesn't have enough to cover the repairs. As we are not right in town, Fiona needs the car to ferry the girls to school buses, do the shopping, etc.

With Arthur doing Love For Life full time, seven days a week and keeping as far removed from "The System" as possible and Fiona supporting as much as she can around children and home, we are severely compromised in terms of bringing in money. Our choice but, if you value what we do and support the dream, your gifts aid the continuation of the Love for Life work.

Also, if anyone knows of somewhere free or very, very cheap where Fiona could take the girls and dogs camping during the holidays, she would love to know about it. Not too far from the Southern Highlands, would be ideal but she is open to suggestions.

We are still looking to move onto some land urgently so we can have some more space to get the art house up and running with others and start growing food but rents are going up and up here in the country, heading up towards city prices, and there isn't much available. As always, if anyone hears of anything suitable, please let us know.
Enjoy the latest article.
Conscious love always
Arthur and Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

When You Are In Commerce It Is Clear
Whose World You Are In
And Who You Are Serving
By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

Sunday 28th November 2010

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The Author

Under a license or a registration or a bond or a contract, etc, etc, intellectual property copyrighted (right of copy) is rented out by the copyright holder, the owner, for a fee.

Commerce is intellectual property.

Commerce has an author who claimed ALL intellectual property rights over commerce.

The author is the owner of commerce = "The System".

"The System" was designed by the author as a game for his ideas of commerce to be performed in by actors he has full control over. "The System" is DEAD; like a vast machine, it needs to be programmed and directed, it's "intelligence" provided remotely by its inventor and those acting under his orders.

The author put in place laws/legalese, rules, regulations, bills, statutes, rituals, procedures, conditions, contracts, etc, etc, which governed how commerce could be performed by the actors in "The System" game.

To keep players performing on the playing field and ensure "The System" game never ends, the author has appointed administrators, officials, experts, referees/judges/magistrates, aristocracy, etc, etc, to oversee "The System" game.

The actors performing on the field get to learn the rules, regulations, rituals, procedures, conditions, contracts, etc, of "The System" game and when required can turn to officials for assistance and re-presentation of the author's laws of "The System" game.

The author put in place such laws for renters (actors) performing in commerce to abide by to protect his intellectual property from being abused or stolen, etc, etc.

"The Crown"

The author has an agent-in-commerce who re-presents the author's intellectual property and this agent is known as "The Crown".

"The Crown" is the holder in due course and the honour and prestige of being the holder in due course is/was passed down through the author's direct bloodlines...i.e... son to son to son to daughter to son to daughter to nephew to uncle to cousin, etc, etc.

The holder in due course is known as King or Queen or Caesar or Emperor or Pharaoh, etc, etc.

"The Crown" has many
who act on behalf of "The Crown" in commerce as its law enforcement re-present-atives, politicians, judges, etc, etc, overseeing all the rental-business interests of the author's intellectual property.

"The System" Game

The author always has the right of copy over everyone who performs in "The System" game. It doesn't matter what changes are being made to "The System" game, the author is still the copyright holder. The performers of "The System" game may bicker and fight over the rules of the game or changes made to the game but the game always belongs to the author.

When "The System" game started, those overseeing the author's business interests were the High Priests (black-magic warlocks, witches, priests, priestesses behind Pharaohs, etc). Today we call them ministers who re-present the author's intellectual property which is why they are called "administrators" (add-a-minister - ministers who deal with the "add" as in commerce/mathematics, "adding" a minister to the dealings, to the actors/renters performance). They deal with the commerce of the intellectual property.

The author needs our energy to make his game appear to live so he invented ways to get us to put our energy into his game through our beliefs, faiths, opinions and interests in and about various aspects of the game so we would continue performing the commerce of the game. For example, he invented religions, spinning stories about sons of gods, heavenly realms and after-LIFE. However, when Christians are worshipping Jesus, they are really worshipping the author and giving their energy to his game. When the Muslims worship Allah, they are worshipping the author and putting their energy into his game. When the Jews worship the figures of the Old Testament, they are worshipping the author and putting their energy into his game. Instead of consciously giving their energy to LIFE, they are, in fact, unconsciously giving their energy to commerce.

All those involved in the religions are controlled commercially which means that they are controlled by the high priests who re-present the author's intellectual property and ad-minister the right of copy (copyright). This is how they exhaust the energy of every man, woman and child performing commerce in the game. Those in religions are actually worshipping the very thing they are supposed to be against; they are worshipping Satan (and all the other names given to him - the author) and perpetuating Hell. It is the conflict that exhausts our energy which is why they always create more conflict. [Please read "The Song Of LIFE" parts 2 to 6 as these posts describe the CON-flict in great detail]. They have all been deceived because what it is really all about is commerce, which makes them slaves, re-presenters of the author's intellectual property.

The game itself is a religion in that men and women have to worship and obey all the rules, regulations, rituals, procedures and conditions of whatever part of the game they perform in. The Muslims pray so many times a day, the Christians go to church on Sunday, the Jews have strict rules about what they eat when and with what. The religions regulate the lives of the performers who call themselves Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc. Football fans watch every football game, fashionistas shop in all the right places and foodies religiously go to the right restaurants and prepare the right recipes. The gays mix in their bars, the atheists go to their Humanist Society Groups, the academics go to their lectures, the New Agers listen to the channellings of Ramtha and, after a hard day, the workers watch the TV. They are all in commerce.

Plugging Into "The System"

It is all about commerce that has no LIFE. "The System" is designed as a mathematical grid with the religions, language and everything of "The System" based on mathematics which comes out of sacred geometry. There is no LIFE in any of this. The read-and-write alphabet languages are mathematically based and are designed ONLY for commerce. They are all about enticing men, women and children to perform in commerce and turning MAN into Alice through the looking glass. We learn to understand the wonderland of commerce through the CON-structs educated into us as we are moulded into performers of "The System" on the conveyor belts of Factory Planet Earth. There is nothing natural about the constructs - we have to be manufactured into being the performers of commerce (re-presenting commerce) and we are manufactured through the read-and-write alphabet languages of commerce. Without the religions and the read-and-write alphabet (mathematically based) languages there would be no civilisations of commerce.

As we watch the moulds of Factory Planet Earth breaking open and another man or woman taking their place in the game, we can see that some of them are members of the elite, formed in a different mould but still a product of Factory Planet Earth. They go to the elite schools, becoming skilled in commerce, brilliant at mathematics and economics, masters of figures, the experts, professors, academics, judges, politicians, etc, etc, of "The System" game that guide and referee the game in the direction the High Priests have decided it should go. Being in control of every part of "The System", the High Priests are able to manipulate everything that happens and all the outcomes of everything that happens; they determine who will be poor and when, what will rise and what will fall, who will triumph and who will fail, who will suffer and who will not, who will struggle and who will not. There is no accident to what happens in "The System". Everything in the civilisations of commerce happens by mathematical design.

Commerce is not about LIFE. "The System" game is a fictitious grid that we are imagining, held together by our belief, faith and opinion in the grid that is made up of mathematical configurations superimposed over LIFE. It is another world, a copy of LIFE without LIFE. The sacred geometry is the grid, the read-and-write alphabet languages are the grid and the mathematics is the grid and all of it becomes the artificial DNA of "The System", the "life" of "The System" that comes down to the concrete, the plastic, the bitumen and the steel that become the streets and suburbs, the highways and the cars, the buses and the trains, the airports and the shipping ports that lead to and from the city buildings in the centres of commerce, all of which are the infrastructure of the game, the stage for us to play "The System" game wearing our costumes and titles of "The System" game. We are hooked up to the information and telecommunication hubs that network as artificial consciousness across the grid, including all the occults and esoterics of "The System", giving the drones their thoughts, emotions and instructions for their parts in "The System" game.

The Remote Control Of "The System"

The esoterics and occults of "The System" are the means by which the author controls the performers in his world. The "spirituality" of "The System" with its messages from "the other side", the voices channelled, the communications with other worlds, the kundalini, cosmic grids, ultra violet waves and enlightened masters are all demons in the image of the author, information of "The System" that men and women think and feel until they become in the image of the demons themselves. As the demons are controlled by the author, he controls the men and women who think and feel his demons, also manipulating them into feeling and acting upon negative, destructive emotions that destroy relationships, encourage greed and selfishness and get in the way of men and women co-creating LIFE together. The drones are controlled because they believe in the lives they are living, the lives that are made up of the constructs of "The System". As long as men and women are thinking and feeling the artificial DNA of "The System" that are the thoughts without LIFE that make up the constructs of "The System", the author of "The System" has all the control. The only way to escape the control of the author is to disconnect from the grid and reconnect to the consciousness of LIFE.

The author of "The System" set himself up as the god of "The System", using the grid system as a conduit to project his remote control to manipulate outcomes; this tribe and their descendants will become "Jews", this one will become Christians and this one Buddhists. We will give them their stories, their gods and their culture that tell them they are superior and that their way is the right one, better than the other ways. We will give them the image of their tribe, the image they create their lives in, the background that tells them how to behave. This group will be French, this one German, these men and women will become the nomads of the desert.

Once MAN had been convinced that MAN was divided, separate individuals with separate pasts and separate journeys, it was not hard to pit one against another. Thus one tribe was persuaded to attack another in the name of Good and Righteousness. Gradually, this turned into the invading armies of "The System" conquering land and tribes, brutalising them and forcing the constructs of "The System" upon them through the religions of "The System", the schools of "The System", the governments of "The System", the medicine of "The System" and the diets of "The System" until the tribes had forgotten who they really were, what they were really part of and their true purpose. The landscape of their thinking had been rearranged.

The "New" System

As all lies wear thin the authorised representatives have to keep adapting the civilisations of commerce and the religions that bind the people to them. Thus we see the New World Order (NWO), the latest version of the civilisation of commerce, accompanied by the Galactic Federation, enlightenment, dimensional shifts, Christ Consciousness, channelling, Oneness, etc, etc. They all come with commerce because the believers perform in commerce everyday which is what the author's deception is all about.

As the drones wake up to the fact Earth is being destroyed to the point where it will not be able to sustain LIFE for much longer, the NWO is ushering in its new religion of sustainability with its Venus Projects and its environmental movements. While this new religion sounds like the right thing to do, it is still tied to commerce and, therefore, still part of "The System" game. Many of those who are "speaking out" against the current version of "The System" game with its emphasis on economics and profit have a background in economics, law, socio-economics and other areas of the elite world. They become environmentalists and they sound good as they talk about the damage we are doing and the need to have a more caring, compassionate world, but they are actually drones too, really believing that what they are saying and doing is right. Their solutions to the problems they describe are only another version of "The System" game. There is never any talk of a world without commerce, of a world of co-creation with LIFE. There is never any talk of turning our backs on the anti-LIFE game of "The System". Go here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/7597 or here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/7593 to have a look at this 6 minute video for an example of a "good" shepherd holding up a lantern. We will go into more detail about this video and the way the information is portrayed later.

The "ONENESS" Glue

We have to watch out for the "ONENESS" glue that is "The System" under a new feel good (god - invisible god within) guise binding everyone together commercially as ONE. The constructs of "The System" teach us that we are separated and divided, all on our individual (in-divide-u-all) journeys heading from somewhere to somewhere. The result of billions all pursuing their billions of individual journeys is, of course, chaos. This is where "The System" kindly steps in, bringing order to the chaos of their making. As we all need to live alongside each other, those behind "The System" glue us together with their "ONENESS" glue. See "The Song of LIFE parts 1 - 5 with part 6 coming soon. Links provided below.

A New MAN?

Through our work, it seems that the plan of the author is the creation of  a "new" MAN. With the "secret" of "Carbon 7" just being "released" and the message of the "Spiritual" effects of changing the carbon 12 in our DNA to carbon 7 upon MAN, including "enlightenment"and "shifts to higher dimensions", it appears that the Powers That Be are working on changing our DNA so that we will indeed be new men and women drones ready for the new system. They have already been working on changing our DNA for years with the toxic food we eat and the chemicals overloads on our bodies, but the changes to the carbon in our DNA are a step up from this. We thought it wasn't going to be microchipping, iris scans or scent detection, rather something to do with DNA as now seems to be being confirmed. From hierarchies of God, Jesus and the angels, we will move to hierarchies of realms and dimensions and the beings that belong with each of them. We will be writing more about this later but, in the meantime, watch this video here: or here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/7599 on the "secret" of carbon 7 which, in true Powers That Be style, has been "withheld until the time is right"!

We Are All ONE?

Many say "We Are All One" but what the PTB and all their "We Will Lead Every Revolution Against Us" lackeys/deceivers are really saying is;

We Are All One World Government
We Are All One World Currency/Commerce/Economy
We Are All One World Order
We Are All One World Drones

All great leaders have no followers because they cherish the uniqueness of each of us and inspire others to take full-responsibility for their lives and share the workload around but the civilization of commerce is full of leaders, men and women of higher standing (all men are equal but some are more equal than others) who are shepherds holding their lanterns of deception high for their sheeple-believers (drones/re-presenters/slaves) to follow as they lead them into the next version (copy-right - right-of-copy) of "The System" game. The actors in the new-religion-environmental-sustainable movement are just re-presenting what they have been brainwashed/brain-dirtied to copy, just as those before them were brainwashed into re-presenting the religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.
As we say in Arthur's Facebook wall: "Whoever controls how others think & feel & causes them to act on these feelings & thoughts is given all the power by those whose thoughts & feelings are controlled. Slaves willingly create a world in their masters image without realising".

The grid that makes up "The System' and all the drones that perform in "The System" require the remote intelligence of the author of "The System" in order to perform as a collective. The information is brainwashed into the drones and then all the impulses come from the priests to direct the actions of the drones. It is a dead world; it does not have the spark of LIFE, the consciousness of the living creator embodied in anything that is being manufactured. This is why everything of "The System" is robotic, including the emotions of the drones. People are not free; they are slaves to the manufactured addictions of "The System".

"The System" really is a fairytale written by the author who takes an interest in anyone/everyone performing a role in commerce. All actors are renters, serfs, commoners, slaves, goi/goy, punters, strawmen, agents-in-commerce, persons, etc, of the author's intellectual property and pay fees known by many names including interest, rent, charge, debit, invoice, statement, bill and TAX.


Without the renters, the author has no energy to prop up his system/game; the game needs the charge produced when we use the current-cy of the game. The sinners, born in "original sin" are those born into and brainwashed into "The System". They are the ones giving the current, the charge needed to maintain "The System". Now we call the sinners "renters", the ones who allow their energy to be exhausted to feed this beast. They have forgotten who they really are and are being taxed for the conflict this causes. Today the word "Syntax" is used a lot but it is deceptive, another play on words typical of read-and-write alphabet languages. We say that the word "syntax" is really "sin tax".

As explained by a researcher, "Syntax, means merely the correct structure of placing words beside each other on paper, WITHOUT causing controversy or damage to any other vessel, be it a person or group of people."

This is deceptive because anything involving commerce is conflict and controversy and is part of the manipulation to con us into giving our current-cy to "The System".

The Triple-Speak Of The English Language

From our discussions with Frank: Fiona Cristian Reply To State Debt Recovery Office - Part Ten - From 13th October 2010 - Should We Be In Fear Of Those Who Claim To Protect Us? - "Roman Cult" Canon Law - Ecclesiastical Deed Poll - The Work Of Frank O'Collins: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/7500 we share the following:

"The play on words is the "craft" and "practise" of demonology, is the CON-struction of CON-structs imagined out-of-thin-air that are DEMONS, is the true purpose behind Freemasonry/Satanism and is essential training for ALL black magic warlocks and witches. They cannot curse without knowing the spells. Every letter of the English language has a meaning not taught to the people, these meanings are incantations and as you combine these meanings (letters forming words) they form spells and is why they taught us to spell so we can be under the spell (their spells) of demons (CON-structs), their demons which they control by remote control. At the highest levels they are trained to concentrate on whoever from a remote location, using hair, photos, etc, and they want to enter their victims brain and get their victim to think and feel what they want them to think and feel and convince the victim (the host) that it is their own brain coming up with these feelings and thoughts (demons) and through this manipulation they control their drones into creating a world in the image of the warlocks and witches.

With black-magic, the play on words happens on many fictitious levels, a) with meanings behind letters used as codes to communicate between the initiated brethren, b) with specific placement of letters, comas, apostrophes, exclamations, italics, etc, to create Orwellian double and triple speak meanings, etc, and most importantly c) with images formed by the sounds of the combined letters forming words as in CON-struct (the structure of the CON), CON-tract (the tract of the CON), know-ledge (know the ledge), con-scious (CON as in CON and scious of knowledge = a conscious MAN knows the ledge and is aware not to be CONNED into falling over the ledge and down into the bottomless abyss of HELL (fiction/fairytale/fantasyland/CON-structs = the SPELL))."

Syntax = Sin Tax

Sin tax (Syntax) = royalty or interest payments in-voice-ed  to drones for using the read-and-write alphabet languages of "The System" to conduct the commerce of "The System".

In-voice inside the drones brain = remote control = spells or hypnotic suggestion.

Sin tax is the exhausting of our LIFE-energy (through currency - current - current-cy = the demons - the curses - the spells) in homage to the God (the Author) of "The System", The Grand Architect. All sinners are on their hands and knees before the false idol impostor God of LIFE, worshipping Satan - The Dark Side - Zeus - Lucifer - Ahriman - Moloch - Baal - Odin - Horus - etc. All sinners are drones plugged into the unconsciousness of "The System" grid collective feeding the grid with their life. They are all lost. They have forgotten who they really are, forgotten what they are really part of and forgotten their true purpose.

The Sin Tax will continue in the Oneness World Order unless we all opt out of "The System" game by causing and being part of this mass exodus from "The System" which is what we live for.

We live to break the spells of "The System" game.

When You Are In Commerce It Is Clear
Whose World You Are In
And Who You Are Serving

From the recent article "Children Have Their Community School Snatched By The Powers That Be" by Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life - 26th November 2010: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/7594 we share the following:

"We all have an inherent creators right/standing to a piece of land where we grow our food, have access to clean fresh drinking water and shelter. The Powers That Be will never say that we do not have that right because, if we don't, then who are we? Are we not Earth? Is Earth not our body just as we are Earth's body? How can we be MAN without land, food, water and shelter? Is there a connection between the enormity of MAN'S suffering and MAN'S displacement from Earth? Have we forgotten who we really are?

Imagine how the world would change if every family had their hectare of land to grow food, with water and shelter and no fear of ever having it taken away and passing it on to their children and grand children. And none of it tied to any commerce or debt. All our energy could go into returning Earth to the living food forest it was dreamt to be and then freedom would be ours - the freedom to contemplate on LIFE, to travel wherever we wanted, because MAN would be at peace, knowing there would be plentiful food wherever we went and that we would be welcomed wherever we went because there would be no more squabbling over the scraps left by the PTB. All our system related problems would disappear and there would be no more need for billions of pieces of paper. We are all the wind under each other's wings as we fly in Paradise.

This is where our energy has to go - into returning Earth to the living-food forest it was dreamt to be rather than putting all our energy into the pieces of paper of "The System". Instead of Adults with many responsibilities putting in the 40 - 60 working hours a week of slave labour for "The System", in many cases only for AUS$30,000 a year, that energy can be put into re-establishing LIFE-sustainable food forests until we no longer have to work 40 - 60 hours a week and we are free. Doing this in tribes/communities/villages will make the workload much easier as it will be a team effort and we can provide community schools where children learn to use their brains without doing harm to LIFE, and support each other. We will not need the commerce of "The System" or anything else of "The System". The love we have put into the LIFE-sustainable food forests and our communities is the LIFE we need. We won't need "The System" game with its commerce, because we live by the grace of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the warmth and light of the sun, the love from all our brothers and sisters of LIFE sharing the abundance of the living-food forests they caretake, all for free, protected and nurtured by the members of our tribe as we protect and nurture them. This will produce such an abundance of LIFE that there will be no more struggle to feed the family and scrape enough for a home. We will no longer be surviving but living free - truly free as the creator of this living dream of LIFE intended. So free we will be that our brains will be able to focus on such projects as co-creating with living DNA to create living transport, replacing contraptions and prosthetics of "The System" with LIFE -forms of LIFE. We can co-create with LIFE rather than taking the LIFE out of LIFE. For more on all this, refer to the articles listed below.

Welcome To KINDOM
A Do No Harm Community Of Conscious Co-Creators
Taking Full Responsibility For Life
Truly Free - No Beliefs - No Ownership
No Ones Sheep Nor Shepherd
We Are The Love For LIFE
That Is Community Immunity
We Sing The Song Of LIFE

Kindom: The Dream Where Harm Ends And Paradise Begins

From: The Song Of LIFE Part 5
Link: http://loveforlife.com.au/content/10/09/26/free-land-unownedunclaimed-etc#comment-2970

For us the most important thing in contemplating on the dream of Paradise and how it was dreamt to be has been the Do No Harm inspiration that is the guideline and the goal of Kindom. This is why it is so important for us to be co-creating Kindom with those who also have that goal and are committed to that goal with no back door. That is, they are prepared to examine how they live, identify the harm doing and work together to eliminate the harm so that there comes a point where the harm ends and Paradise begins. If people are not committed to ending the harm, the harm will continue. Without a strong, solid group of pioneers who see clearly that the harm has to end before Paradise can begin, the dream of Paradise will never be realised.

One of the motto's we use: Kindom - The Dream Where Harm Ends And Paradise Begins.

Today, there are many doors opening to many paths that all claim to lead to the remedy to our problems; the true remedy is the door that opens to the path that leads to DOING NO HARM to LIFE. All others are temptations, seductions, illusions, delusions, fantasies, beliefs, faiths, opinions and distractions to keep us doing harm to LIFE and to keep us hooked on whatever version of "The System" currently being superimposed over LIFE.

There are many who are inspired by the dream of community that is Kindom but most men and women are willing to have some forms of harm continue while we do not want any harm so that no one has to suffer from that harm. We do not see, in most dreams of community, where the harm ends and Paradise begins. This is where billions have got stuck across the ages - they don't have a dream that includes the end of harm. Most don't truly comprehend the harm they are causing because they have been acclimatised to it from an early age. We live to break that spell."

All the Best
Conscious Love Always
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

Link: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/7597
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These posts will help you to comprehend where we are at and heading and why the REMEDY of KINDOM (Do No Harm Communities)
Is the ONLY remedy that frees MAN from the slavery to man-made HELL.

We suggest reading & contemplating each post sequentially as listed below:

We Are The Life Of The Dream Of Life
By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
6th September 2010

The Manufactured World Of The Founding Father
The Grand Architect

By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
23rd October 2010

The Song Of Life
By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
Part Two - 3rd November 2010: http://loveforlife.com.au/content/10/09/26/free-land-unownedunclaimed-etc#comment-2941
Part Three - 10th November 2010: http://loveforlife.com.au/content/10/09/26/free-land-unownedunclaimed-etc#comment-2953
Part Four - 19th November 2010: How To Create A Slave: http://loveforlife.com.au/content/10/09/26/free-land-unownedunclaimed-etc#comment-2967
Part Five - 21st November 2010: Returning Drones To LIFE: http://loveforlife.com.au/content/10/09/26/free-land-unownedunclaimed-etc#comment-2970
Part One - 31st October 2010: http://loveforlife.com.au/content/10/09/26/free-land-unownedunclaimed-etc#comment-2939

Children Have Their Community School
Snatched By The Powers That Be

By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
26th November 2010

Disclaimer - Regarding The "Ecclesiastical Deed Poll"
By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
18th October 2010

The Chatter That Overflows The Cup

By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
12th November 2010


Arthur Cristian Interview On American Freedom Radio
The Vinny Eastwood Show

Wednesday 6th October 2010 5.00am Sydney Time
1 Hour 34 minutes
In This Recording The Interview Starts At 24 Minutes 8 Seconds
Link To Podcast & Download - 86.4mb:

See Incontrovertible Evidence Of The Powers That Be
Admitting To Involuntary Servitude (Slavery)
More damming info to be updated very shortly

Fiona Cristian Reply To State Debt Recovery Office
Part Ten - From 13th October 2010

Should We Be In Fear Of Those Who Claim To Protect Us?
"Roman Cult" Canon Law - Ecclesiastical Deed Poll - The Work Of Frank O'Collins


By Arthur & Fiona Cristian - 8 Minutes 37 Seconds
Created Mid 2009

By Arthur & Fiona Cristian - 8 Minutes
Created Mid 2009

By Arthur & Fiona Cristian - 4 Minutes 57 Seconds
Created Mid 2009

See other articles, videos, & podcasts here:http://loveforlife.com.au/node/3385 or here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/7275

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15th July 2010

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Love For Life Mailing List

15th July 2010

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For The Body Of The Love For Life Work
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