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Hi Everyone,
This is a reply to a New Zealand research study group where many of the members are active in going to court and challenging the law. Some of them are Maoris who are working together with other New Zealanders. What has impressed us about this group is that some of them are realising that consciousness and Do No Harm community (Kindom) is the only way out of this, along with turning our backs on "The System".

This is a reply to one of the members of this group, whose uncle was a personal assistant to Gandhi, regarding how to deal with Court and those in it. The Creator's Standing is something we have been thinking and talking about and gradually putting into practise since we started the Love For Life campaign March 2005. We have written quite a lot about this over the past few years. The only way around this for the Powers That Be is to send in the thugs and make sure that they never give you an invitation to court. Refer to Fiona Cristian versus State Debt Recovery Office, part one to part ten here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6319 and how the situation has unfolded and remains unresolved. They have ignored Arthur's repeated offer to go to their court and resolve their matters peacefully for them.
If they ever want to take Arthur on, he is ready for them.

Also included below are answers to questions posed by a member of another American discussion group. We have included this because it is all relevant to comprehending the big picture that leads to the Creator's Standing, the REMEDY.

Love is the true power and, for millions of us, it is the ONLY way out of this "System" nightmare. For those who have not read the article:The Gift of LIFE:  http://loveforlife.com.au/node/7760
please do so as it will help you to fully comprehend the big picture and why the Creator's Standing applies.

Other recent Love For Life articles are provided near the bottom of this post.

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All the best
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life


On 13/01/2011 9:32 AM, suparupa wrote:

Dear Arthur and Fiona,
Thank you for your informative response which I am well aware of.  I am sure those who were not, now have great knowledge.
The path to freedom means we must breakdown the structures which enslave us
My Uncle was a personal assistant of Gandhi, who was well versed in what you have stated
The British Raj claimed it was superior, just and right
Not until it was exposed that they would even kill defenceless women and children did the world wake up and the Raj was shamed.  
South Africa showed no such guilt
As you are well read, what suggestion do you have to practically wipes them all out and make correction?
I look forward to your action to bring about change as they speak louder than mere words.
Dilip R,


The Creators Standing
How To Handle The Courts of "The System"
By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

14th January 2011

Link: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/7777
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Hi Dilip,

The remedy we see for court matters, etc, is what we call the "Creator's Standing". The creator is a living creator in and of the living (LIFE) while "The System" is a dead system of a dead world for the DEAD. If a piece of paper is dead and their statutes are dead and their laws are dead and their religion is dead and their books are dead and their commerce is dead and their titles are dead and everything of their world is dead - why would you want to use them? If you do, are you not part of this dead world? Are you not fallen? Using their dead material is how you give them jurisdiction over you because you have fallen into their dead world. You are now under-their-standing (understanding). Without an injured or aggrieved party, without a crime committed, etc, they cannot back their claims because their is no one of the living present to back them. Their God is not present, their religion is not present, their laws are not present, etc, etc, and their claim over you (their offer) is not present amongst the living either. All they can do is re-present what is not present to the presence of LIFE here & now. What they re-present is invisible and will forever remain invisible to the living and is all fraud.

It is important to remember that the people in power today are the same people who were in power when they invaded lands to destroy tribes, committing mass genocide, raping, pillaging and plundering and causing MAN to fall by teaching MAN to forget who we really are, what we are really part of and our true purpose. The bloodlines and the agenda continue unbroken. They do not see us as living, only as cattle to be milked of our energy. Their law is designed to keep us in our place, not to set us free so we will never find freedom using their law. EnFORCEing their fraud upon us is an act of war, a war of stealth waged through commerce, law, government, etc, and brain control but no less lethal and ruthless than their wars waged through bloodshed. They need the chaos of our suffering and enslavement so they can provide the order to that chaos which is why they continuously manufacture chaos. Theirs is an act of war against the living creator and fraud is their delivery mechanism.

When we all lived in tribes, if there were problems between people of the tribe, they would come together with others of the tribe to sort things out, first party to first party. They were present to the situation and present to the presence of LIFE. In the courts of "The System", men and women are present but the buildings, the equipment, the assets, the services and the law they abide by isn't present and neither are the rules, regulations, ritual, procedures, conditions, contracts, precedents, degrees, costumes or titles. They cannot be present because they have no presence of LIFE. They cannot stand, walk, talk, eat, drink, poo, wee, contemplate, negotiate, contract, etc. By diving in to the information of "The System" that is not present and has no LIFE, men and women become drones, re-presenting and re-presenting the dead information of the dead "System". "The System" is all about removing LIFE from LIFE because they do not want men and women to be present to LIFE because then they will no longer want "The System". The Creator's Standing is all about bringing LIFE into "The System".

Beware: Common Law is not our heritage; It was invented by the same men and women who invented "The System" and was used for trade and barter. It was part of the early stages of gradualism, getting the conquered familiarised with commerce. Their history is theirs, not ours, their read and write alphabet languages are theirs, not ours, their religions are theirs, not ours, their commerce is theirs, not ours....... the list goes on. The evolution of "The System" is theirs, not ours. If we have any heritage of "law" it is LOVE, "natural law" if you want to call it that. But it is not written down, it is imprinted in our hearts, our consciousness, and is in all of LIFE. The living creator does not rely on their law, their history or their religion. This is a huge trap as there is no remedy to be found in "The System", only enslavement.

 The LIFE of the living creator is LIFE and already has everything we need because it is everything. Why do we need another LIFE? If we try to make another LIFE, we end up re-presenting LIFE in a dead manner which is why we have "The System", a copy of LIFE with no LIFE. LIFE is a gift and all the original tribes lived as gifts for LIFE, serving the living creator that is all of us and all around us. There is nowhere the LIFE of the living creator is not. While the deceived served and abided by the mathematics and accounting records of "The System", the tribes of MAN lived as gifts for LIFE. They were free.

An extract from this article: A Girl Talks To The Birds by Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life - 11th October 2009: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6964 - "If there were no commerce, no ownership, no barter, no trade and no tithing, we would not need to be governed, administered and managed by 3rd parties because ALL forms of commerce are the result of destruction to creation, of mountains, valleys, hills and plains ripped open, of rivers blocked and forests raped. In the nature of MAN there is no commerce, barter or tithing because these are fantasy images of the fairytale. Man taking full responsibility for the co-creation of the dream of creation (of MAN) does not need commerce because he/she does not own anything to sell, trade or barter. Instead he/she is a fully-responsible, conscious-living servant, labourer, worker, steward, caretaker, co-creator of the dream of MAN and the nature of MAN. He/she lives ONLY for creating ACTS of love that are GIFTS to benefit everyone and everything of the body of the dream of life that he or she is part of. In the nature of MAN, I give you a box of apples if I have more than I need and you give me a box of oranges because you have more than you need; you do not give me the box of oranges BECAUSE I have given you the box of apples. Both boxes of fruit are freely given with no conditions attached. Belief in ownership puts you into the dark side. Realizing that you don't own anything puts you into the light because you are taking full-responsibility for everything without owning anything." This is why we say watch out for common law because it is a trap, a CON.

An Invitation To Hell

If you want to go into their dead world, you can look at it as an invitation and take the opportunity to temporarily enter their dead-world to communicate with the dead using their dead language but still be not of the dead and not claim anything of the dead world. Your intent is entering their dead world as a Gift of LIFE for the benefit of others, and never for "self". There is nothing in it for the "self", it is a gift for them. This way there is no claim.

The problem we have is that we are so compromised in that we do not have anywhere to go that is not claimed by the lost as part of their dead world. This is why we need to co-create Kindoms/Do No Harm Communities/Tribes/Villages where we stand together as brothers and sisters of LIFE (all men equal) and refuse to let harm (all men are equal but some are more equal than others) to be done to any of our community or to nature/Earth. The Love For Life articles go into this subject in great detail. A list of the most recent are provided below.

When we are in the real world we are MAN, MAN of peace, MAN of love, MAN of freedom, MAN of truth, MAN of abundance and MAN of joy and, most importantly, owners of nothing. This is where it all goes wrong; when we own, we have fallen into the dead world and when we believe, have faith in or opinions about something we also fall. We have fallen into their recorded his-story, their languages, their mathematics, their geometry which are all abominations and are all the foundations of everything of the abomination that is "The System", also known as HELL. They only have jurisdiction because they have taught us to believe in their intellectual property which gives them jurisdiction because they claim they own it and can therefore regulate it.

In response to an article, "The Incantation Of English - Its Spells & Curses" that we wrote recently, a member of another discussion group put it this way:

"I was also Muslim for a stint, and the Qu'ran is the Old Testament written in Arabic, which is a language that is created by Latin as well. Believe it, it is their Manifest, and God DOES exist, but as Jesus attempted to teach, HE is the God of the LIVING, and not the DEAD and as Jesus kept trying to teach the Corinthians speaking English, "how can I be the son of God, and the son of Man at the same time?"
If you read the Upanishads, it is easier to grasp...

LANGUAGE is a LAW, that creates TIME, as the human is being re-cognized... (so-ciety, social, civil) - "ought to" "should" "want to" ....... that puts the human in the past tense. Hope, looks forward, putting the Self in the past tense, but we are not humans should, humans wanting, humans kind of we are Humans BEing. Language/description of our selves, and each other, teaches us to move backward in Time, in the Conscious, where we are unable to Real-ize our Cognizant state (relativity), then when Idiots like Einstein symbolize our relativity, we read about it, and again, are not."

Belief, Faith and Opinion

In LIFE, we do not need belief, faith or opinion; do we have to believe in a tree for the tree to exist? Does a horse fade away if we are not putting our energy/LIFE into it? What about the mountains and rivers? The presence of LIFE is already present amongst us, already present in the tree, the horse, etc, so why do we need to believe in, have faith in or opinions about that which is present to LIFE, here and now? When we believe we are actually RE-PRESENTING what is NOT present to the presence of LIFE. As we are LIFE we are using the presence of our LIFE to re-present what is not present to the presence of LIFE. We become slaves when we start re-presenting thoughts/ideas that will never have the presence of LIFE to be present amongst the living (amongst us). The challenge is not to re-present their world.

The dead ONLY have jurisdiction over what is not present to the presence of LIFE.

They make their claims because they believe they own the intellectual property that are the basis of their claims and, because we are not given full disclosure as innocent children and everyone around us has been got at as well, we willingly allow them to make their claims over us because we believe in their information which gives them jurisdiction over us, meaning we have fallen into their dead world. Why? Because we are renting their intellectual property and basing our lives around it and of it. Through thought, we have become their property.This makes us dead. We are thinking their thoughts, we are feeling their ideas, we are acting in their fairytale. All fairytales are not present to the presence of LIFE. (Refer to previous post a few days ago regarding "The Crown" and copy right ownership: We Are The Life Of The Dream Of Life: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/7417).

If you want to go into their dead-world seeking commercial cures, etc, you have already lost because you are admitting to being a renter, a slave, a labourer, a goi/goy, a punter, a performer, etc, for them. You have accepted them as your master and their god as your god. If you go in there using their religion and put your hand on their Bible, or use anything else of their dead world, including common law, equity law, admiralty law, etc, etc, you have lost, meaning you are lost and they see you dead. If you want anything of their world, you have given up your life in service to them and their dead God Satan.

Are You There For You Or There For LIFE?

The reason hardly anyone is successful in court (disregarding PTB whitewashing/white ant tactics) is that they want a piece of Satan's (The Grand Architect's) cake and to eat it too, i.e., they want the perks of "The System" while fighting against the oppressiveness of "The System". This is why they get caught. "The System" has jurisdiction over its slaves but it does not have any claim over the living. Their claims are their temptations that we fall for, the candies that we reach out for even though they are full of poison because we are enchanted by the shiny wrappers. We are in the fairytale of "The System" because we have fallen for the story that we are the person (the fiction) in the fairytale and perform as that person in the costume and title of that person, all of which is intellectual property they have a claim over. BUT, they need us to fall for it and claim the act, the performance.

The creator's standing - the creator is you and me - we are the living-creator of the man or woman we are creating because we are living and only the living can create. If they invite you in, you can go but you don't use their dead statutes or anything else of their dead law. The living creator comes with full responsibility while the dead operate under limited liability, the shields they hide behind while they attack you. In reality, we are the ones attacking us because we are the ones who have acquiesced to their dead world and they are just enforcing the regulations of their dead world (the laws of renting their copyright) based on our agreement and the instructions we give them through their dead language, etc. We don't really know what we are saying or even who we really are.

For the Creator's standing to work, we can no longer have or claim anything of their dead world because they will be justified in sending their enFORCEment re-present-at-i-ve (representative) teams to reclaim it.

No need to use their name (ANSWER THEIR NAME) because it is their intellectual property as noted on their drivers licences, birth certificates, mortgages, passports, deeds, bonds, accounts, statements, permits, titles, degrees,CONtracts, etc, etc. Refuse to use any affidavits or paperwork. Its all theirs to con you into making a claim. All of it is a trap. All administrative processes & procedures are theirs. Do not use their his-story, or their precedents established or their religion/s or their Gods in their dead-world. Remember, ALL of THE LAW is theirs and not yours. ALL of religion is theirs, not yours. ALL of commerce is theirs, not yours. The living creator has no need to RE-PRESENT anything because the living-creator is already present to the presence of LIFE. [please read the recent Love For Life articles, links provided below, and comprehend what we are saying in each sentence before moving on to the next sentence (yes, you are not being sentenced either).]  Their name is their performer acting in their fairytale.

Facing The Demons With Love

If necessary tell them they can call you "The Creator". - "In your dead world, this MAN is known as the creator." If you want to use a christian name be sure it is made clear to the dead that the christian name is being used purely to help the dead recognise the living creator amongst them. 

Living Creator: Thank you for inviting the living creator of this MAN into your dead world to create LIFE amongst the dead. The creator comes with full responsibility for everything this MAN thinks, feels and does. What about you? (to the judge)

Ask the prosecutor and everyone else the same question - Do you accept full responsibility for everything you think, feel and do?

If they say yes, with love and grace, you can go after them by exposing their fraud. All forms of re-presenting are fraud.

None of them will want to admit they operate under limited liability and none of them will want to admit that they are here to do harm to the living creator. If they are operating under limited liability, they are doing harm, using their limited liability as their shield. THEY INTEND TO DO HARM TO YOU - THEY WANT YOU TO EXHAUST YOUR ENERGY (life) PERFORMING FOR THEM AS THEIR SLAVE. This is what we have to expose. Their whole world is based on fraud. As long as you don't allow your LIFE to be claimed by your claims on their world, you will not be their slave and you will not be performing for them. You have come as a MAN of peace and love, entering their dead world of darkness as a ray of light/consciousness because you know who you really are, what you are really part of and your true purpose. The dark cave (the court) has been lit and there is nowhere in the cave where the light of the living-creator is not. The vampires will flee. You come as the Gift of LIFE which you and no one else can claim ownership over. We can't own (not let go) our last drink, meal or breath without dying. Same with information, if we own (believe in, have faith in, have opinions about) information we die (FALL) too.

LIFE IS INFORMATION - LIFE IS CONSCIOUSNESS but information without LIFE is the thoughts and ideas we were conned into re-presenting. ONLY the unconscious will perform unconsciously. ONLY the unconscious will do harm to LIFE.

Ask them - Are you here to do harm to the living-creator?

Tell them - The living creator is a first party who only co-creates with first parties. Are there any first parties to any claim over the living-creator amongst us? Is their an aggrieved party here amongst us? Remember: the living-creator has never broken the peace, has caused no crimes, has not injured anyone, etc, BUT they seek to break the peace by conspiring with each other to con you into doing harm and becoming an accomplice to the harm being performed against you, the living.

Don't Let Them Bully You

If they question your sanity i.e. psychiatry, etc, ask questions like these..... Is psychiatry a beneficiary to your claim? Is psychiatry the claimant to this matter with the living creator? Does psychiatry have an interest in the living creator? - In your dead world it is claimed by many of your experts that psychiatry is fraud. Are you an interested party conspiring to commit fraud? The creator has no claims with or over psychiatry,...... do you? Is psychiatry the first, middle or surname of an aggrieved party to your claim? Is psychiatry a 3rd party intermeddling, interceding, interloping parasite? Note: the living creator is not subject to psychiatry, psychiatry has no standing over the living creator. Psychiatry is not present, was not there.. i.e. speeding fine, parking ticket, etc. Remember: all men are equal - but they are conning you into accepting (claim) that "all men are equal but some are more equal than others". Check out all these videos on psychiatry:  http://loveforlife.com.au/node/7552 - Whatever you do, don't make a claim over psychiatry, remember, you are not re-presenting a fiction. The me, me, me, i, i, i, mine, mine, mine, etc, are fiction.

You are showing their standing over you for what it really is - a fraud.

Ask them - Do you have any interest (or further interest) in the creator? If not, thank you for inviting the living-creator amongst the dead, blessings to your families and loved ones. Good Day & walk out. Make sure your friends have recorded the festivities and get them to get a transcript if possible. (Remember: the-living-creator is a gift of LIFE - the living-creator would never pass the chance to not be a gift of LIFE for the benefit of others. The living-creator has no mirror - no self - (me, me. me, i, i, i, mine, mine, mime) to attend to or perform for. The living-creator radiates love out to all of LIFE that we all really are. Just as they ignore the living, you have to ignore everything of the dead.

Do not allow anyone to re-present you, including you, because you can only re-present a fiction (me, me. me, i, i, i, mine, mine, mime) which the living creator is not. The living-creator does not own anything including a self or a person or a name or land or nature or earth or any intellectual property. For to do so means to RE-PRESENT FRAUD.

You Are Unique - Your Creator's Standing Is Unique

This is the basics - there are 1001 ways to make it work in your own unique way. Just REMEMBER, the living creator does no filing, carries no pens or paper and has nothing to do with their paperwork. He/she carries no fiction but goes in as the living creator of LIFE, the living MAN. The living creator needs no prosthetics. You do not need to know their law (not your law) but you must FULLY comprehend what you mean when you say that you are the living creator and FULLY comprehend the issues of full responsibility versus limited liability, etc. You MUST comprehend their game because it is a game albeit a very serious one to them. No matter what they say, you have to STAND your ground and ignore all the distractions they throw at you. They want to test you - you have to test them. They are trained to distract you and suck you in to one of the issues of the claims they are making. This is how they trap you. Basically, this is not a remedy for the faint hearted! Stick to your guns, no matter what and keep it really simple. Keep asking the questions you know they do not want to answer. This is how you get them because they do not want to expose the fraud. REMEMBER - the living creator ONLY co-creates with first parties - where are the first parties to this matter? Is the judge a first party? Is the prosecutor a first party? Keep at them. If they threaten you with contempt, ask them to bring forward court so the living creator can hear first party to first party from court. "Is court an aggrieved party? Is court the name of a living creator?" You DO NOT have to perform for them or go down the roads they want you to go by answering their questions.

You could practise this with others first, especially those who have experience in law.

Under full liability, all men are equal and you have your voice, your standing. Under limited liability, you are thrown to the wolves.

If you want all this to work, you have to return to the living, start creating Kindoms because you are not of the dead and do not have to submit to a dead world.

Kindoms/Do No Harm Communities   

Before they decimated all the tribes on all the lands, we were tribes and harm done to the LIFE (any man, woman or child) of the tribe was harm done to the tribe so the whole tribe went to support the LIFE of the tribe. This is community immunity and the only way to stop their goons subduing you by using force. To do a creators standing and really make it work, it is best to have a tribe there in court with you, a force of numbers that refuses to be locked out, individualised, isolated from each other so they become easy pickings as we are under "The System". The Creator's standing is stepping away from "The System" without stopping the love for those still lost within "The System". We cannot run off and escape "The System" because it spreads like cancer and will eventually find you wherever you are. We do not run away from it, we shine our light of consciousness back into the darkness so that we can rescue our brothers and sisters of LIFE, INCLUDING the judges, prosecutors, etc. This means we must walk-the-talk of Kindom to show that we can live without "The System" and have a place where others can come and experience it. Rather than just dealing with little parts of "The System", we are dealing with the whole of LIFE and offering a remedy for the whole of LIFE. This is not about going to court so you can stay in "The System" and continue enjoying the lurks and perks of "The System" but about a mass return to consciousness (nature/earth/reality) and exodus from "The System".

Lets cause a mass exodus from "The System".

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life


On 13/01/2011 9:32 AM, suparupa wrote:

Dear Arthur and Fiona,
Thank you for your informative response which I am well aware of.  I am sure those who were not, now have great knowledge.
The path to freedom means we must breakdown the structures which enslave us
My Uncle was a personal assistant of Gandhi, who was well versed in what you have stated.  The British Raj claimed it was superior, just and right.  Not until it was exposed that they would even kill defenceless women and children did the world wake up and the Raj was shamed.  
South Africa   showed no such guilt
As you are well read, what suggestion do you have to practically wipes them all out and make correction?
I look forward to your action to bring about change as they speak louder than mere words.
Dilip ,


Jurisdiction - Recognizing The Correct Authority In The Fiction
By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

13th January 2011

Love For Life Campaign [mailto:action@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, 13 January 2011 1:36 a.m.
To: Liz
Subject: Re: Juristiction
In the fiction, the NZ ambassador for the Roman Catholic Church & the NZ representative for the Archbishop of Canterbury & Church Of England have authority over earth & man while the NZ Governor General ,who is just an agent for "The Crown", has authority over commerce (intellectual proprietary knowledge copyrighted - right of copy - copyright). You must follow the path that leads back to their God. In the fiction, "The Crown" controls commerce while their God (Satan) controls earth and all men, women & children (their bible says so) - if your land is divided up into parishes then you know who the correct authority is. Roman Canon Law / Ecclesiastical Law is their man-made law (power) over land & man.- Ask the Amish why the Roman Catholic Church protects them???  (thus far - this was mentioned by a friend recently)....  It seems there are three courts in all their courts - 1) civil, 2) admiralty, 3) baal  - Where the crown is so is the church - where the church is so is the crown -  across almost all lands of earth, church and crown are under many guises..... South America, Central America, North America, Europe - Asia, Asia Minor, Oceania. Their English thesaurus provides many clues.......

Main Entry: parish
Kreis, archbishopric, archdiocese, arrondissement, assembly, bailiwick, bishopric, borough, brethren, canton, churchgoers, city, class, commune, conference, congregation, congressional district, constablewick, county, departement, diocese, district, duchy, electoral district, electorate, flock, fold, government, hamlet, hundred, laity, laymen, magistracy, metropolis, metropolitan area, minyan, nonclerics, nonordained persons, oblast, okrug, parishioners, people, precinct, principality, province, region, riding, seculars, see, sheep, sheriffalty, sheriffwick, shire, shrievalty, society, soke, stake, state, synod, territory, town, township, village, wapentake, ward

Main entries similar to: parish
But, they have no standing, its all fraud. A creators stand-ing wipes them all out.

All the best
Arthur & Fiona Cristian

Love For Life


The Incantation Of English - Its Spells & Curses
By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

10th January 2011

English law came out of the Normans who were the Vikings who were the Canaanites, who were one of the thirteen lost (secret) tribes (black magic orders/sects/cults) of Ancient Egypt, of IS (isis) RA (ra) EL (el - Saturn/Satan/Elohim) - Every letter of the English language is an incantation- a meaning not taught to the people. You have to be initiated into the secrets to know the meaning of each letter. We were all taught to "spell". As these incantations are combined to form words (sounds) they form a concoction that becomes a "spell" that cloaks us as we fall under the frequency of the sound that makes the "spell" (the meaning) of our own making. Under the spell we fall from consciousness into a dead-corpse "state" (of hell).

"The System" that is hell is made up of spells upon spells interwoven with more spells. As all lies wear thin, those behind "The System" have an endless array of spells that overlap and replace each other as they wear out. They have the Bible spell, the Torah spell, the Talmud spell, the Koran spell, the Gitas spell and, as they are wearing a bit thin for many, we now have the Galactic Federation spell, the alien invasion spell, the ascended masters spell and the channelling spells, the 9/11 spell, the Tax spell, the mortgage spell, the debt spell, the global warming spell, the vaccination spell, the economic meltdown spell, the constitution spell, the freeman spell and the sovereignty spell.

There are so many spells that the citizens in every "state" are forever trapped in the mazes that form the rabbit warren matrix to keep them busy and distracted. They have never seen the way out of hell or even imagine that they are so duped by the "spells" of hell that they cannot consider life without hell. The citizens are forever visiting the supermarket of hell to purchase their next "spell", led by the "we will lead every revolution (spell) against us" change agents, dis-information agents, lackeys, deceivers, provocateurs, etc,. The best "spells" are always the ones with one or a few lies mixed in with a mountain of truths. Overwhelmed by all the morally correct truths, the duped accept the lie/s as part of the truth. Just one lie is a minuscule crack in a wall of truth, providing an entrance for an ocean of lies to flow through, gradually, gradually, gradually seeping in across generations, the crack widening and allowing more and more lies to dilute the truth. Sadly, we have not noticed the impact of the lies on our lives until it is almost too late and the wall is collapsing around us.

English law & language was crafted by French Judeo Judaic legals (architects/draftsmen of law) who were Aryan bloodlines, descendants of the Normans. English primarily came out of Roman/Latin, Greek, French & Hebrew alphabet languages - all mediums of the "spell" - all are "crafts", "practised" by the warlocks and witches of black magic. None are natural, they are not to be found in nature, which is why we have to be "educated" (ed-u-cat/ucat-ed) to "understand" (under their standing) them. The presence of the living creator is not present to the incantations and the spells they form. They are all man-made - they are all abominations. Things are not what they seem. Who do you think "crafted" the bible and "practise" its "spells" of hell????? Refer to the "crack in the wall" above and take a good look across Earth today..

Remember: every letter has a meaning not taught to the people.

Levite priests control the Roman cult who control the Jesuits who control the Pope and his Roman Catholic Church - Levite priests also control the ArchBishop of Canterbury (who performs the coronation is the higher power) and his Protestant Church of England which controls "The Crown" of The British Empire (the English or the law of ISRAEL that is SION/ZION, the tallest mountain of Israel). Under-Their-Standing, Levite priests control ALL of Freemasonry and all the sects, cults, lodges, fraternities, brotherhoods, sisterhoods, etc, that form organised hell (chaos), the order's (order out of chaos) ruling chaos (Ball Worship - Ball = Satan/Zeus/Moloch/Horus etc). Levite priests were the high priests of Ancient Egypt and are the supreme masters (the learned) of black magic (the "spell" and their curses). They rule the lost (secret) tribes (orders/sects/cults) of IS-RA-EL. Their master is The Grand Architect often refereed to as God, better known as Satan. They get all their "orders" directly from God. Their God is a fraud.

All the best
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life


On 11/01/2011 4:34 AM, Charles Stewart wrote:

Hi Arthur;
i am glad that you are attempting to shed light on the more ancient history under-lying our Anglo/American forms of law & government.

And you are correct in your implication that the English, & the Vikings had common ancestry; & that the Normans were genetically descended from the Vikings.

However; you make a significant error by failing to precisely-define your phrase "English Law"; because, if you trace that body of law back to its roots Prior to the "Norman Conquest of 1066-ad", then your above statement here is "False"; sir.

"English Law" was firmly In Existence "Prior" to the "Norman Conquest" of 1066-ad; sir.

Your statement here is only true if you focus exclusively on the system of law that was imposed After 1066-ad, at the point of the sword, by the Normans who were in mercenary-service to the evil-cabal between the Roman Catholics & the Pharisee Rabbinical-Jews.


The Anglo/English & related Saxon/Germanic, Celtic, & Nordic tribes practiced the True "Laws of Israel", which in turn holds the roots of our Anglo/American "Common-Law"; all of which has absolutely Zero to do with the slave-trading commercial-laws of the Pharisee Rabbinical-Jews & their Canaanite blood-line ancestors.

If you re-configured your wording to more clearly indicate that the post Norman-Conquest system of laws imposed in England "After 1066-ad" was based on the pre-existing laws of the Canaanite peoples,
(who also seem to have gotten them from Babylon); then your statement would be correct.

But you are making a lot of bold & sweeping statements here that are doing more harm than good, imho; sir.

I believe that there is some merit to your connection between Egypt & Israel; but i do not believe that connection perpetrated "Black Majic"; unless of course it could be linked to how the laws of the slave-trading Canaanites/Babylonians/Pharisees crept-into the laws of the organic body-politic of Israel.

Before this i have heard of your linkage between the word "Israel; & the Egyptian gods of Isis, Ra, & El. I & others (i am sure) are troubled by the implications that these propositions contain; but i at least am willing to admit that there does seem to be some legitimate history supporting these bold-propositions.

This is an issue which deserves further discussion; however, i do not have time to comment further on this issue or on the rest of your email-post.

Your scholarship seems to have improved at least a bit since we last crossed paths. Choosing your words in a more clear fashion, as compared against your opening-statement above; would lend even more credibility to your noble efforts here, sir.

Charles Bruce, Stewart.
Sandy Oregon.


The Error In Relying On
The Information Of "The System"

By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

14th January 2011

Hi Charles,

What many people do not realise is that we cannot trust the history we have been taught, not only in schools but also in all the texts, whether religious, historical or otherwise.


Because, up until very recently, very, very, very few men and women were able to read and write the man-made alphabet languages of their rulers. Only those of the ruling royal families, their scribes, priests, landlords, barons, aristocrats and a select few were initiated into the read and write alphabet languages that have been used to dominate and control us for centuries. Think how long it takes us to learn and comprehend the English language - we have to go to school for years to be able to comprehend it well enough to read the history books and the Bible. Only the rich & privileged were allowed that privilege; most men and women worked on the land to pay for their serfdom and many of them spoke their village & tribal talk which was far more attuned to the tongue of the living creator than any read and write alphabet language will ever be.

In a community of, maybe, 1000, perhaps one man was able to read and write so the alphabet writing of the history of that community was in the hands of one man. Now, perhaps he was truthful and trustworthy and wrote a faithful account of events and then checked with others to see if they agreed with what he had written. Or perhaps he just wrote down his view of things or perhaps he was paid to write things in the way that suited the local ruler. Or ordered to with threats on the lives of his family if he failed to comply. Those behind "The System" also had their emissaries, researchers, scientists, botanists, etc, who travelled and lived among tribes, writing their history which could then be twisted to suit the agenda of those in control. "The Victors Always Write The History" and their version was biased to suit their version of reality. NOWHERE is written the true history of MAN.

It is very hard to know our true heritage and we will not find it in the books of "The System", rather from our observations of nature and a comparison of the natural order of nature and the chaos we all experience, from contemplation of LIFE and dissection of "The System".

The only way for those behind "The System" to maintain their power and control over us is for them to ensure that we never remember our true heritage, so they have written their own, fairytale history to keep us from doing so. They have to hijack us through information. All their information is designed to direct us towards commerce and hierarchies so we accept this as normal. To sell us their warped version of events, they mix plenty of truths in amongst the lies so that, recognising the truths, we accept the lies that ride alongside them. One lie in a wall of truth is enough to allow an ocean of lies to creep in, softly, softly, gradually, gradually, until we are so submerged by the lies swimming around us that we cannot raise our heads high enough to see the truths that still stand amidst the debris. In this state, we become re-presenters, re-presenting whatever bit of the information of "The System" that suits our view, unable to have a clear view of what has really transpired because, nearly every way we turn, we are fed lies. Our alphabet recorded history is severely compromised.

ALL the books of "The System" are like this; they may contain morally correct truths but there are also lots and lots of lies. We have to be smart enough to figure out which is which. The books of "The System" are just another maze in the matrix. The matrix is the world of information we were all taught and instructed by the powers that be to re-present. Collectively we form the matrix as we all give life to their information. This is very different from the LIFE-sustainable information found in nature which is always present to the presence of LIFE.

The Powers That Be (PTB) have always hidden behind races, cultures and creeds. This is how they sneak their stuff past us, controlling and distorting the information. Especially when we are taught to claim ownership of and fiercely defend our races, cultures and creeds. Tell the Jews that their history has been twisted and they have been used and most will not believe it. Some will even cry persecution and racism. But this is what seems to be the case, if what one Israeli history professor, Shlomo Sand, has uncovered is true. His investigations have led him to say that the original Jews were actually the people that we now call the Palestinians which means that most Israelis are not really Jews at all! Have a look at a lecture he gave in New York in 2009. He has also written a book about it. http://loveforlife.com.au/node/7727

There is also a very interesting series of videos made by African Americans showing how the history of the slave trade and the back African races as we are taught it has been so twisted around as to be almost totally the opposite of what they have uncovered. Here is the link: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/4054  -  things are not what they seem.

The one common theme we have noticed is that descriptions of men and women who lived morally correct lives with a "goodness" about them, is that none of them had a "civilisation". They didn't need it because they took responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions and were conscious of the consequences of their thoughts, feelings and actions. This is the true heritage we need to remember but, funnily enough, the PTB don't seem to shine their spotlights in that direction!

The Canaanites have been causing mass genocide throughout history and they are about to do it again. They invaded England and murdered the men and women on the  land, just as they have murdered men and women on the land across Earth. The British are not the original British. They are not Celtic; the Celts are tied to the Vikings - they all worshipped false gods, including Earth/nature. We are not supposed to be worshipping anything, just co-creating with LIFE as equal brothers and sisters of LIFE.

"The Purpose Of Education Is To Change The Thoughts, Actions And Feelings Of Students"
Professor Benjamin Bloom

ONLY Nature teaches our children to use all their brain. The education of "The System" turns our children into re-presenters. "System" education trains our children to remove the presence of LIFE out of LIFE so that their LIFE is no longer present to the presence of LIFE - as they journey through their schooling, brains are shutting down, shutting down, shutting down because they are just echoing other people's thoughts rather than being inspired to thoughts of LIFE through their interaction with LIFE. Their brains are overloaded. They are no longer conscious of LIFE. When one is no longer present to the presence of LIFE one is unconscious. To use all our brain we have to be present to the presence of LIFE and this means we are conscious of all of LIFE, and to be conscious we must be using all of our brains. Unfortunately most use only 1% of their brain while a few use up to 10%. When we re-present thoughts & ideas that are not present to the presence of LIFE we become drones in the image of unconsciousness. Instead of creating our own thoughts through interaction with nature we are trained to just echo someone else thoughts all of our waking life. The scope of the Thought Police is beyond most people's comprehension! The depth of brain control is staggering which is why most fall for the deception of thinking they have found a remedy to "The System" within "The System" but actually just being led down another dead end.

If the living creator created a perfect dream of LIFE with every LIFE form of LIFE being perfect, then MAN, as created by the living creator is perfect too. So why does MAN need to be changed? Why the education system to change MAN's thoughts, feelings and actions? Obviously, only someone who wants to do harm to LIFE would want to change the thoughts, feelings and actions of MAN so that MAN can be persuaded to accept and perpetrate harm to LIFE.

The drones that we become after years of "education" are instructed to DO HARM to LIFE in every way imaginable, without taking FULL-responsibility for LIFE and for the destruction we support and cause. All of the most brilliant education in the world is totally worthless if it means we produce men and women who shut down their brains to destroy themselves and other men, women, children & nature. Once there is nothing left of LIFE to remind us who we really are, what we are part of and our true purpose, we will have committed spiritual suicide. Please read our articles to explore the depth and width of LIFE: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/3385 - This is our latest post: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/7760

"It is not necessary to tell a child, "This is wood sorrel. It looks like clover, but it's not." A child does not understand and has no need for botanical knowledge. Teach a child that clover is a green manure plant and that pearlwort is a medicinal herb useful for treating diabetes and the child will lose sight of the true reason for that plant's existence. All plants grow and exist for a reason. When we tie a child down with petty, microcosmic scientific knowledge he loses the freedom to acquire with his own hands macroscopic wisdom. If children are allowed to play freely in a world that transcends science, they will develop natural methods of farming by themselves." - Masanobu Fukuoka

In LIFE/Nature, everything has the presence of the living creator. Our education teaches us to focus on and live our lives out of the history of "The System", the "past" that has been assigned to us. However, this "past" has no presence of LIFE, the living creator, present so, by training us to focus on the past, the PTB are training us to turn away from LIFE which is the presence of the living creator and our connection to the living creator.

By re-writing our history and "educating us", the PTB control our past. By controlling our past, they can control our future.

We have been trained to rebel against the living creator that we are.

All the best
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life


On 13/01/2011 9:32 AM, suparupa wrote:

Dear Arthur and Fiona,
Thank you for your informative response which I am well aware of.  I am sure those who were not, now have great knowledge.
The path to freedom means we must breakdown the structures which enslave us
My Uncle was a personal assistant of Gandhi, who was well versed in what you have stated.  The British Raj claimed it was superior, just and right.  Not until it was exposed that they would even kill defenceless women and children did the world wake up and the Raj was shamed.  
South Africa   showed no such guilt
As you are well read, what suggestion do you have to practically wipes them all out and make correction?
I look forward to your action to bring about change as they speak louder than mere words.
Dilip ,


On 12/01/2011 7:15 PM, Liz wrote:

Ok I hear what you are saying Dilip.

I cannot change the date that they have invited me on- it is their invitation after all - I cannot coerce them.

I will however prepare and make available make the same written information available that I take to the court and send it to the Governor General prior to 17th making it in particular, a challenge to the setting up of the Supreme Court.

I will start on it tonight so it should be complete by 15th at the latest or do you want it earlier?

Love leads to Unity


From: sanitised
To: sanitised
CC: sanitised
Subject: RE: Juristiction
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 20:35:18 +1300

Dear Liz,
Just checking if you had changed the date on attending the court

From: suparupa
Sent: Wednesday, 12 January 2011 2:42 a.m.

Tell them the reason that you wish to comply with the 12 months Grace since the opening of the Supreme Court

is because that is the day they have invited me I have already RSVP'd
So there is no reason for you not to reschedule as you are not the slave

Please do so as you sign off Love and Unity .

Do you think that as we have the same information and are using very similar tactics for the same goal that, we should do so using the method Gandhi used?

By have your process in the court also addressed to the GG at the same time, will it only enhance rather than dilute our efforts.

I am working on the evidence which proves beyond doubt that the system violates the constitutional meant to protect us.  This is a base step which leads to the replacing of current non compliance to Divine Law to be ordered by the one who has derived authority to uphold the Faith.  One must never deny a lost lamb back into the flock with the right for them to bring about remedy. That situation is now in your hands so we have a peaceful correction displaying our respect for all by accommodating gracefully lawful reason by the proper addressing of matters in the correct forum in time.

Do not fall out of Grace when you have no reason not to honour the Period of Grace comfortablyCollectively the will of the people will be granted, as we obey the commandment, Love thy Brother as Thy Self.  We are all right if we aim to rid the evil we suffer under.


From: suparupa
Sent: Wednesday, 12 January 2011 2:42 a.m.
To: sanitised
Cc: sanitised
Subject: RE: Juristiction

Dear Liz,
is because that is the day they have invited me I have already RSVP'd
So there is no reason for you not to reschedule as you are not the slave.
Tell them the reason that you wish to comply with the 12 months Grace since the opening of the Supreme Court. 

Secondly, the Min of Land Information, JT, pre The Foreshore and Seabed Act being passed saw the Labour government purchase the Westhaven Marina two days after the Hikhoi walked over the bridge.

The purchase saw JT, now on Radio Live signed off the $12m taxpayer funded purchase with the legalisation of the title by a report written by former PM of Mei and Palmer to cover up it is foreshore land.

How do I know this, I made an official information request for the original Bill of Sale which exposed this yet has been kept under wraps.  

This is the reason the submission made was rejected by the Select Committee as it would have exposed the very point you are making.  Therefore is there reason you do not wish to object about the Select Committee and/ or support the application to the Governor General of matters being withheld from the Queen to allow Her Majesty to deal with it.  Until Her Majesty proves to us all that she violates the Oath to defend the Faith, I shall be the Defender of the Defender of the Faith.

After all only The Queen has power to act immediately to end the corruption, but we have the obligation to inform Her so that she may carry out her role as Constitutional Monarch.

Please do not show disrespect towards Her Majesty when you refuse to inform the Governor General that her ministers are not complying to law and violating our constitutional rights by preventing the very point you intent to make before the Hawera District Court,  being put before the committee relating directly to the Foreshore bill they were hearing submissions on.  

You may confirm Tin and my involvement with Alfred and Dan Davis and how we spent money for advertising to ask the Serious Fraud Office to investigate during the 2005 election campaign.

Unity was the reason India was able to beat the British Raj.  Even Hindu and Muslim joined against their common foe. They also did not cooperate.  The Raj was over extended and the will of the mainly uneducated people stuck to principles as they felt rather than questioned those on the path to reveal the truth while criticising anyone who sided with the Raj.



From: Liz 
Sent: Tuesday, 11 January 2011 11:46 p.m.
To: sanitised
Cc: sanitised
Subject: RE: Juristiction

Hi Dilip the reason I will be visiting the court at Hawera on the 21st  is because that is the day they have invited me I have already RSVP'd- it is THE NEW ZEALAND  COMPANY's court not a court of justice in the way we might usually understand such things. It has the authority of any other court in NZ that has commercial jurisdiction. Well actually that is not strictly true because the courthouse is built on illegally confiscated land, one would be hard pressed to find a court in NZ that complied with the territorial requirements set out in Article 2 of the TOW - but that is their problem not mine

Any court that is on land that does not have a valid sale and purchase agreement is in this position. Considering Commissioner Spain's ( the lawyer who investigated the NEW ZEALAND COMPANY's purchases in Port Nicholson) findings about TNZC 'purchases' there may be a problem with the land that Parliament buildings stand on too. But I'll leave that for if I am ever called before the parliament.  

I go to educate them not to make any 'application. to them. What should I apply to them for

What defender of the faith are you referring to? Elizabeth Windsor is no more queen here than Elizabeth L :-)

Love and Unity 



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