[lit-ideas] Re: the standard for higher standards

  • From: "Simon Ward" <sedward@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 21:44:25 -0000

"Just because I want us to get the upper hand in the Long War doesn't mean I buy into Bush's theology or any statements he makes to his political base."

We're not talking about Bush's theology or his political base, we're talking about the US administration apparently channeling funds to Sunni insurgents. Somebody should have told you Eric, it's not 'The Long War' anymore and the 'War on Terror' was dead and gone months if not years back, if Hersch is right then we're into 'The Covert War' and just in case you're not understanding the situation, Bush's new allies are the same brand of extremists that flew planes into the Twin Towers.

'It's like asking why, since Churchill said "we will fight them on the beaches..." you fought them in Cannes.'

No, it's more like you asking, since Churchill said we'd fight them on the beaches, why we actually paid them pallets of cash. And just so you know, the Brits fought in Caen so you Yanks could conduct a gloroius encirclement of the German forces. What exactly happened in Cannes I don't know.


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