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Thank you for this research. I'm not as naive as some may think. I was just wondering how bad others thought it was and WHY? You've given me a lot to look at and I've read most of it. I have some comments but I have too many meetings and don't have time to answer this today. I will try to get to it tomorrow.

thanks again,

p.s. for those who think that 60 Minutes is unbiased, have you ever WATCHED it? You can't get more biased than Leslie Stahl. She NEVER steps away from the issue for some objectivity. I guess Ed is probably the most unbiased, but even he sort of looks at the interviewees and says "come on now" when he doesn't agree with what they are saying. If any news show IS biased, it's surely 60 Minutes.

Paul Stone
Kingsville, ON, Canada

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