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on 6/3/04 11:54 AM, Ursula Stange at Ursula@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Julie, this sounds a lot like a chain of restaurants named Rainforest
> (or something).   I went into one and wandered around taking pictures --
> it was so surreally over the top.   I didn't stay and eat -- figured the
> owners had blown their creative wad on the decor -- they couldn't have
> had any left for the food.
> Ursula
> eating at home
I've heard of "Rainforest Cafe," but not eaten at one.  Since the national
championships of Highland Dancing will this year be held in the Mall of
America in Minnesota, I may in July have yet more weirdness to report; I
remember a historian of science colleague saying that "Rainforest Cafe" was
about as good as that mall gets.  Any tips for survival and thriving in
those parts will be welcome.

The restaurant I described was new-ish and had "Mayan" in the name.

Perhaps we should have a contest to imagine the weirdest theme/theatrics
restaurant possible?  Fondue, with lederhosen and Alpenhorns being blown on
the half hour?  Curry, trained elephants and spandex yoga poses?  Haggis,
hill runners and curling demonstrations?

David Ritchie
Portland, Oregon

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