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Second e-mail oops of the day.  I'm duct taping my  fingers together now.
Julie Krueger
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My youngest daughter (12) tells me in no uncertain terms that animals are  
more important than people. They don't hurt each other on purpose for no reason 
-- only if they're scared or hungry.  She's the reason for the birds, fish,  
mice, ferrets, cats, and dog.
She tells me which of the mice are shy, which fight with each other, when a  
cat is sad or hungry or hurts somewhere.
On the other hand, when we pass a cemetery she holds her breath in and  
exhales once we're past it.  I asked her why.  "They can't breathe  anymore, 
so it's not polite to breathe in front of them."
She lets her mice and ferrets loose in her bedroom together.  There  has been 
no carnage.  She tells me she has taught them to be nice to each  other.
She when little ran headlong arms outstretched toward our new neighbor's  
great dane and rottweiler.  I couldn't catch her in time.  She  carressed them 
lovingly and whispered things in their ears.
I'm not sure if she's destined for a Gorillas in the Mist avenue, a  
zoo-keeper, or a vet.  
But I've promised her that if she ever ever ever decides to own a snake as  a 
pet I will never visit her in her home.
Julie Krueger

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I don't quite follow why humans are superior to  "animals".  Have you not
noticed all the wars going on in the  world?  Are they being fought by
animals?  Animals don't rape,  animals don't pillage, animals don't pollute,
animals don't bully, animals  make good friends and on and on.  What animals
haven't endured at the  hands of humans.  Serious question, whence  the

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> The issue of medical  experiments on animals is hot in UK, from stands and
> leaflets in Central  London, demonstrations against research institutes,
> threats to people  who have shares in pharmaceutical companies, to
> desecrating the grave of  a dead guinea pig farmer.
> Correct me if I am wrong in thinking that the  core belief at these people
> that human life is no more valuable as  animal life, therefore humans don't
> have the right to kill animals in  order to save human life.
> So, between the possibilty to save human life,  including theirs and their
> families at the cost of animal life, and  having them die, they choose the
> latter.
> What does this say  about their capacity to love?
> They don't seem to be aware that on one  side they equalize human life with
> animal life and on the other side  deny humans the right for survival that
> any other animal has. It is then  ok for an animal to kill a rabbit in
> to survive but a human is  denied the right to kill it in order to survive.
> Best,
>  Delia
> Is the world mad?

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