[lit-ideas] for want of a nail...

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  • Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 20:46:58 EDT

I woke up with the for-want-of-a-nail ditty in my head and set about 
wondering where and when it originated.  Googled for histories of nursery 
rhymes.  You 
can find as many conflicting and believable and absurd alleged origins of 
nursery rhymes out there as hairs on your head.  Someone in this milieu must 
some good solid reference.  It's not that it really matters.  Just that 
suddenly ring around a rosey and humpty dumpty need a reason.  Or rather ...  
are all these adorable darling little sweet-sounding things we sing to our 
children which seem to have arisen out of grisly circumstances and it seems a 
metaphor for something or symbolic of some societal phenomenon and I'm not sure 
what I'm looking for.
Julie Krueger

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