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On 2004/06/18, at 6:41, JulieReneB@xxxxxxx wrote:

> http://www.cnn.com/2004/ALLPOLITICS/06/17/911.transcript/index.html
> Someone who understands the relationship between the FAA and the 
> military,
> and how military preparedness works, please explain to me what in 
> bloody blazes
> happened here??  It's absolute chaos.  No one seems to even know who's 
> in
> charge or ....  what to do....  I can't understand how this situation 
> could have
> existed.

This sort of thing is, alas, perfectly predictable in bureaucratic 
situations where agencies belong to different departments. The 
alternative, however, may be worse, a monolithic structure from which 
it is all too easy to exclude competing viewpoints.

If these observations seem too abstract, try reading Richard Clark's 
_Against All Enemies_, or the books in Tom Clancy's Commanders series 
that I've mentioned in previous messages. Pay special attention to the 
places where the protagonists are involved in "joint" operations, 
trying to secure cooperation between people who have their own 
political interests at stake and their own department/service turfs to 

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