[lit-ideas] Re: academia - heavy marketing without substance and MP3/IPod comment

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I think more of Phoenix University. Or,?the huge market, now, in 
colleges/universities who promise a BA/BS in one year if you have a community 
college degree or two-years in a college.?The marketing for those schools, 
espcially the for-profit ones,?is incredible. Not sure about the quality of the 
education of those coming out, though I understand that they are trying a bit 
harder with more quality control than they used to do.

Donal, we had the?same experience with a generic MP3 player. I cannot remember 
what we did to fix it.? So, I don't think it is just the IPod.???I think my son 
figured it out--but it took us a while and we were both frustrated--and wanted 
to go purchase an IPod because surely IT would have been easier and we would be 
able to listen the music once it was disconnected from the computer.? I think 
it might be the useres <g> or the computer, as you mentioned. 

Marlena in Missouri

Pop academia, based on heavy 
marketing, without substance? The academic subject that comes to mind would 
be "The Institute for Paris Hilton Studies".

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