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On 23-Aug-11, at 2:52 PM, Judith Evans wrote:

Wasn't The History Man prompted by something that happened to Bradbury? I should say, I didn't hear any as it were definite rumours about it, just that vague suggestion. (A suggestion of more than "outmoded", assuming that was true of Bradbury then, and I've no idea.) I did hear the usual suggestions about who the History Man was, one definitely wrong, IMO, one -- Laurie Taylor -- that should have been true but apparently wasn't! (I was also told who Miss Callendar was... .)

Did you see the TV series, Chris?

[Sorry to take so long to respond] No, I didn't. I don't have a television and only see what people post to YouTube (such as the Dalziel & Pascoe series, some episodes of which, as I've said, were written by Bradbury). No one has as yet posted THE HISTORY MAN there (here's hoping).

Living without a TV I regard as one of the clearly correct decisions I have made in my life (I believe I have - or had, to be precise - Iris Murdoch on my side, there).

Bradbury and Angus Wilson of course founded the UEA's Creative Writing course.

Yes - and quite an impressive list of students they had, too!

Chris Bruce, in
Kiel, Germany

P.S. Another nice bit of word-play from Murdoch's AN UNOFFICIAL ROSE: "a folded flock of sheep".

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