[lit-ideas] Re: Wittgenstein on Colour (Was: The Blue Book)

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  • Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 22:58:22 -0500

Robert Paul wrote:
> I want to learn more about Geary's
> theory of abstract predication.

Free of charge you mean.  Yeah, you and half the world.  Well, it ain't
gonna happen.  However, I don't mind teasing you into paying the $76 Random
House is asking for my tome: _First Order Logic And The Mole On Holmes' Left
Foot (Exemplified Or Encoded?  Elementary, My Dear Watson)._

We all know that Sherlock Holmes was a dectective, but, of course, he
wasn't, since he wasn't an actual person and only actual persons can be
detectives. But he was, we all know that.  Encoded, then.  What about the
blue tail fly?  Does it encode or exemplify?  Who the hell is Jimmy and why
is he cracking corn"  Encoded, he, but not the corn being cracked, it's
exemplified.  And the blue tail fly can make you cry, it bites so bad.
Exemplified.  Now as to the blue of the tail  -- color does not exist
outside our nervous systems, light waves do, but color is a construct -- a
fiction of our nervous system.  A fiction?  Is the blue of the tail of the
blue tail fly encoded then and not exemplified?  Buy the book.  Neither does
sound exist outside our nervous system, though sound waves do, but sounds
are constructs.  Neither does anything exist as we know it -- all our
knowledge of everything is but constructs of the nervous system in response
to stimuli that is not even remotely the thing out there that we construct
in our brains. So isn't the only predication possible encoding?  Hahahahaha.
Buy the book.

Mike Geary
curious yellow

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