[lit-ideas] Wittgenstein on Colour (Was: The Blue Book)

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Robert.Paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
The belief that there is comes from thinking that there
must be a substance answering to every substantive. That this diagnosis can be
found in [Wittgenstein's] Blue Book (p. 1) should come as no surprise.
Okay. I don't get it. 

He says "objects are colourless" and titles his book, "The Blue Book".

Or is this an editorial addition to a poshumous book?

If we allow Wittgenstein this inconsistency, then indeed we have McEvoy's 
Reductio Ad Absurdum:

          objects are colourless.
          Wittgenstein wrote "The Blue Book"
          Wittgenstein didn't write an object.

I'm confused.



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