[lit-ideas] Whose Calendar?

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A Hapy  New Year to anyone whose calendar so proclaims.

Walter  O.
That must be Geary's.
He has a calendar that proclaims, and in Latin too:
   novuus felix annus
and some such nonsense.

For the Catholics, it's not just, as for us, Xmas; it's _merry_  Xmas.
It's not just "new year": it's _happy_, i.e. full of happenings, of events, 
 new year.
It's not just Friday, it's _good_ Friday.
It's not just Break, it's spring break.
They have to qualify everything, Catholics. Theirselves, they call  
theirselves _Roman_ catholics, which they fancy fancier.
Give me a break!
J. L. Speranza

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