[lit-ideas] Re: Whatever Happened to Hunter Thompson?

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  • Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 23:29:03 EDT

(Yes, I'm behind on my e-mail).  I was totally struck by how completely you 
described a restaurant I went to oh ....20 years ago?....in Denver.  I think it 
was called "Casa Blanca".  Had a huge reputation.  Total total kitsch. Sort 
of Las Vegas meets Branson atmosphere.  Complete with plastic snakes, monkeys, 
etc., various floors/levels almost mezzanines with plastic and real tropical 
foliage, ropes swinging through the middle, dancers and singers in the dark 
some doing tricks of sorts on the ropes, waterfalls, waiters and waitresses in 
complete costume and accent.... it was the most indescribable place.  I 
sometimes wonder if it still exists.  I sometimes wonder if it ever did.  I 
thought of it for a long time.  Your post recalled the bizarre experience.
Julie Krueger

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