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on 5/24/04 8:59 PM, Mike Geary at atlas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Congrats to Ursula and Ritchie for passing on superior genes / superior
> nurturing.  

If she had only the parental genes to draw on, she would find herself making
egregious errors, doing the Fling at the beginning of the Seann Triubhas for
example. (Seann Triubhas, "shawn trews," not a gaelic indication of which
toilet may be used by whom, but a dance about regaining the right to wear
the kilt, which regaining is celebrated in the final measures of the dance
with a few steps from another dance, the Highland Fling).

Someone further back in the ancestry willed both our daughters dancing feet.

Because I have read Norman Mailer however, I felt quite capable of acting as
Emily's dancing trainer, showing up with my bucket and my sponge and my
towel and my wee three-legged stool, ready to dish advice on when to dance
and when simply to stand still and clobber your opponent with a knock-out

I do like, "chored them with visions of victory."  As that great American,
whose name escapes me, once said of the League of Nations, "Chore, chore,
chore is better than war, war, war."

David Ritchie
Portland, Oregon

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