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Dear m. enns, converse, converse, as you aver your views allow, unfortunately 
not all or not everyone or not one shares the fake rules invented by the 
conversation itself to decide which move is which, not all, not everyone, and 
not one buys this junk of the language game, not everyone, not all, and not one 
think that everything is true

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I am going meta. Apologies to all.

Mr. Palma wrote:

"Nobody who has an iq above 9 believes [this] junk, rorty?"

I object to how posts like the above put an end to conversations, some of which 
I find interesting. There is nothing wrong with objecting, but there is 
something uncivil about bringing conversations to a premature end. A thoroughly 
Rortyian observation, but there you have it.

I find Kant, Heidegger and Rorty all very thought-provoking. I don't mind the 
insults. But if a sustained conversation is impossible because of them, then 
the good of this list is unclear for me.

<End of meta>

Phil Enns
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