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I think we are underestimating the importance of "Nothing" in Heidegger's  
sociological-based scheme of things. Note that there was once a Paris 
cabaret  called, "Cabaret du Néant" -- where cabarets should be in Paris: 
The thing opened in Brussels in 1892 as the "Cabaret de la Mort" -- i.e.  
the Cabaret of Death --, but it soon moved to the Montmartre district of 
Paris,  where it was renamed the "Cabaret du Néant" ("néant" = nonexistence,  
obliteration, nothingness, death).  
The Montmartre district was THE place to be if you were an artiste in the  
second half of the 19th c. Or not.
It may be that Heidegger, when he objectifies the "Nothing" (Das Nichts) he 
 is thinking Montmartre?
It is no wonder that German ideologists at the time found that  Heidegger's 
'rhetoric' was 'nihilist'.  

Carnap found it was nonsensical.

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Thanks for nothing.
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This is real scholarly information about nothing, from the  Encyclopedia of 
Philosophy, not to be confused with the Stanford Encyclopedia of  
Philosophy, or the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Clicking on the  
D. Ritchie: 
A Doric joke:
Quine wiz asked "fit did ye cry yer  bairn? "Nathan" she replied .. "FIT Ye 
canna cry it Nathan u hiv tae cry it  somethin"".
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