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When the issues touch a local cord [sic], usually  school budgets, 

Indeed, the classical way to spell 'chord' in Reed (College) is "chord",  
since it's from the Greek "khorde", the gut. 
Note however that the OED has an entry 'cord', as per below, which allows a  
spelling of 'chord' to be, as Amago has it, 'cord'. The OED reads "the later  
refashioning "chord" [trust R. Paul to follow the latest trends] is now  
restricted to a few special senses. But perhaps Amago did not mean "any of 
few special senses?"
cord. Forms: 4-5 coorde, 4-7 corde, 6 coarde, 7-8  coard, 4- cord. See also 
CHORD n.1 
[from the French "corde" string of a  musical instrument, string, rope, cord. 
From the strin  "chorda," from the Greek "khorde", gut, string of a musical  
instrument (made of gut). The later refashioning "chord",  q.v., is now 
restricted to a few special senses.] 

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