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The alarm in certainly in order and not a minute too soon.  The people to whom 
this is addressed, the warnings and fears are certainly adequate but 
incomplete.  The author forgot to mention Catholic women, 70% of whom are 
practicing artificial birth control if they are of child bearing age.  I like 
the humor re Bing Crosby movies.  Nun plays are very popular around here and 
are certainly charming.

The Catholics are indeed plotting, but not behind our backs.  When Bush 
demanded the support of the Bishops, he got it.  After all, one expects to be 
rewarded for playing palsies with the Pope.  In my Congressional district, the 
Republican candidate held public discussions before the last election.  He was 
pushing Catholic values and won handily.  Unfortunately, most of these voters 
are not up to speed on Catholic values.  It is not just anti-abortion as public 
policy, but also birth control.  Listening to these women in conservative 
organizations, they are strongly hinting that that's next on the agenda.

Having said all this, it needs to be said that the Catholics and the 
Evangelicals could only do all this with their very successful coalition.  They 
recently held a meeting with the Mormons, so they can bring them along also.

The next Congressional election might be very interesting.  By that time, I 
think many women in America will have heard of the latest expression of 
protection religious politicians grant to women.  Yes, they deem it protecting 
women.  Examples of this are to be found in the actions of Gov. Pataki of NY 
state and Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, Catholic and Mormon respectively.  
And what was this kindness, you wonder?  Well now,
they banned the use of the morning-after pill for those women in their states 
who are victims of rape and are unfortunate enough to have gotten pregnant by a 
rapist.  The total number of these unfortunates in the US in any given year is 
25,000.  Throughout the US, Catholic hospitals will also not dispense this drug 
anywhere in the US.  In some states, it's the law that this bit of 
pharmaceutical mercy is outlawed altogether.  Welcome to Iran west.  Or is it 
Saudi Arabia west?  Nah, we can still drive here.  

Oh, and by the way, I believe Clarence Thomas is Catholic.   At least he went 
to Catholic schools.  Another interesting bit: when president Kennedy was in 
office, Cardinal Spellman was continually on his case to introduce legislation 
for vouchers.  No go on this.  I don't know if Kennedy wanted it, but he knew 
it wouldn't get by the Congress. 

And another sad bit: I am hearing from some of my friends that it's time to 
become anti-Catholic again.  Guess who is going to pay the price for that?  
Ordinary Catholic people of course.  Certainly not the hierarchy who are the 
architects of this.  But then again, I wonder?  Who provides the money to the 

Milford, MI

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Court Could Tip to Catholic Majority
Some Say Slant Is Dangerous; Others See Historic Victory
By Alan Cooperman
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, November 7, 2005; Page A03


Folks, I don't mean to alarm you -- but this is much more dire even than an 
avian flu pandemic.  For you Hereticals and you Jewish breth and sistrern, not 
to mention Muslimists, all you who are unfamiliar with Catholicism outside of 
Bing Crosby priest movies and the DaVinci Code, let me explain.  There are two 
kinds of Catholics in this world and it's important that you understand the 
difference between the two.  Take Jack Kennedy, for instance, he was a 
Catholic, but he worshipped Marilyn Monroe more than Mary the mother of God -- 
and who can blame him?  Who? you ask.  Canonical Catholics, that's who.  They 
who believe Jesus was serious when he said: "This is my body."  "Lost a lot of 
weight, haven't you?"  That's what I would have said had I been there, but 
alas, I was born 2000 years too late.  Another good punch line lost to bad 
timing.  Here's the deal, while all us liberals have been fretting about 
Protestant evangelicals taking over the world, there's been this cabal o
 f Catholics plotting behind our backs.  Just ask Lance, he'll confirm all 
this.  It started with Reagan in 1986 with his appointment of Scalia -- an 
Italian Catholic -- Italian, did you get that?  And where is the Catholic 
Church headquartered?  Not in Moscow.  And then Reagan again in 1988 with his 
appointment of Kennedy.  Hmmm.  Isn't that an Irish name?  And didn't Joyce 
call the Irish "a priest-ridden race"?  Yes, he did!!  Ah ha!  See the pattern 
forming?  Liberals still intoxicated with the Kennedy name thought this guy 
will surely vote for free love.  Wrong, wrong, wrong!  Then of course, there 
was Daddy Bush who gave us Clarence Thomas who scared every Liberal from 
Amherst, MA  to Zenia, CA with his "high tech lynching" speech.  "Oh, sorry, 
Mr. Thomas.  Forgive me, Mr Thomas."  After all, how conservative could a 
colored man be?  I mean really? Doesn't he carry the injustice of this culture 
in his very skin?  He'll be four square for justice even if he is a Republica
 n.  Hahahahahaha. The Bushes laughed all the way to the Hoover Institute.  Now 
there's Roberts -- Bush baby's baby.  A the proposed 5th Catholic, Alito -- 
ahem, an Italian.  Hey, even the Popes don't have to be Italian anymore.  Clue 
these people in.  As a Catholic, though no longer a believer -- but once a 
Catholic, always a Catholic (what can I do?) -- I want to join the majority of 
non-Catholics in this world who dread the re-institution of the Inquisition 
soon to follow Alito's ascension to the Supreme Court.  Catholics are great 
drinkers and love to gamble, but they have lousy taste when it comes to 
governance.  Just look at Berlusconi.

Mike Geary
Memphis Catholic against his will.

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