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--- On Sat, 27/11/10, Veronica Caley <molleo1@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Although there has been an effort to measure intelligence by occupation which 
>seems to me to have some validity, it's very limited, due to too many 

Yes, recently I seem to keep meeting them. 

>A few years ago I was invited to a Mensa party. I was amazed at the variety of 
>occupations represented by the people there. I went because there was a very 
>famous poet there. I didn't like him so probably for that reason I forgot his 

Likewise, a few weeks ago I did some on-line IQ tests available as a link to 
some article, which I didn't like which may explain why I have forgotten the 
name of it. 
>I believe, from my experiences, that performance on tests by some people, is 
>influenced by insecurity and anxiety.  My guess is that this is more common 
>among immigrants than the established population.>

Whether or not it was because I am an immigrant compared with most of the 
established population, these tests caused me no end of insecurity and anxiety. 
But as to how this influenced my performance, amazingly, in most of the tests 
my score was as just as high as over 90% of the population. 

Apologising in advance
And sorry for being sorry


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