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For at least 40 years, probably more, psychologists were talking about 
intelligences.  Previously, they used aptitudes, which I like better.  This  
is/was a recognition that some people were very bright and great at all 
academic subjects.  Some were good at math or science or the humanities.  I 
have known people who were wonderful craft and art producers, but hated books.  
About anything.

Although there has been an effort to measure intelligence by occupation which 
seems to me to have some validity, it's very limited, due to too many 
exceptions.  A few years ago I was invited to a Mensa party.  I was amazed at 
the variety of occupations represented by the people there.  I went because 
there was a very famous poet there.  I didn't like him so probably for that 
reason I forgot his name.

I believe, from my experiences, that performance on tests by some people, is 
influenced by insecurity and anxiety.  My guess is that this is more common 
among immigrants than the established population.

Veronica Caley
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