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"U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said Monday that the Afghan war ... can 
never be won militarily."

Nor can Iraq, nor can Somalia.  Militarily is how they got there in the first 
place.  This is where American insistence of an ownership society and its 
hatred for socialism, which is to say, of people in favor of big business, is 
coming back to bite them.  These place can ONLY be won through hearts and 
minds; it's how al Qaeda is winning them, it's how Hezbollah is winning them.  
Afghanistan is one of five poorest countries in the world and in total chaos.  
The average Aghan makes something like $11 a year (someone can verify this, but 
it's along those lines).  They turn to the Taliban because the Taliban bring 
order.  Even sharia order is better than no order.  That's what happened in 
Somalia with al Qaeda.

We lost Iraq on the very first day of the invasion when we protected the oil 
(the money) and let the water (Iraqis and life) be polluted.  The Iraqis got 
the message, and of course not recognizing that there are a huge numbers of 
unemployed young men with a lot of energy and nothing to do except hate the 
Americans.  We need to do nation building in a massive way and we can't even 
rebuild our own country after Katrina.  Frist might be getting it, but it's too 
little too late; again we think all we need to do is cut a deal and we're done. 
 That connects into Musharef.  Musharef is out for himself and Pakistan.  He 
doesn't care about al Qaeda and our terrorist problem.  He cares about India 
that's eight times bigger than they are.  He takes the $3 billion a year we 
give him and trains his fighters to fight the Indians in Kashmir.  The 
Americans are so clueless.  

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Click here: Frist: Taliban should be in Afghan gov't - Yahoo! News 

Now we want the Taliban in charge of the Afghan govt.?  I need a cheat sheet.  
I can't keep up.

Julie Krueger

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