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I read an article in Le Monde Diplo last night that describes how the Talib are growing fast in Afghanistan. They are Pashtun (tribe) and have recovered most of Southern Afghanistan. West Paskistan is also Pashtun, so it's likely they are getting support, supplies, etc. from Pakistan, our ally.

Within a year, very likely two years, the Taliban will control Afghanistan again. The US-supported warlords are hated by everyone.

Irene brings up Somalia. Amusing how Lawrence and everyone else has forgotten Somalia. The Bushies made a collosal blunder. US diplomats warned the Bushies not to do it, but Bush went ahead. The Islamic groups were more or less in control, and Bush didn't like that, so he gave hundreds of millions of dollars and weapons to warlords. The new CIA-warlord coalition was named "The Committee for Restoration of Peace"!

The Somali warlords realized it was their chance to sieze a country, just like the warlords in Afghanistan, and live it up with extortion, drug smuggling, rape, corruption, etc. The Islamic groups realized the threat, and launched an all-out war against the warlords. They won. The Bushies literally collapsed Somalia and turned it into an Islamic republic. Major defeat.


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_Click  here: Frist: Taliban should be in Afghan gov't - Yahoo! News_

Now we want the Taliban in charge of the Afghan govt.?  I need a cheat
sheet.  I can't keep up.

Julie Krueger


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