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The group I have in mind is as 'iconic' in their 'genre' as the Beatles are in theirs, as is their name.

The Modern Jazz Quartet.

Yes indeed - the MJQ (Milt Jackson, John Lewis, Percy Heath and Kenny Clarke) took their first breaths (at least as a *recording* entity) on 22 December, 1952; recording the titles "All The Things You Are", "La Ronde", "Vendome" and "Rose Of The Rio Grande".

The group is dead now, as are all of its original and subsequent members. The child that was taking its first breaths at the same time as this group was making those first recordings, and who - unaware until much later in life of that temporal coincidence - grew up to revere it from the moments of first hearing (_Skating In Central Park_, sometime in the late '60's - here's the title piece at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLjaqIou8i8 ) is still very much alive and well - and still celebrating ....

Chris Bruce
sending festive solstitial greetings to all, from
Kiel, Germany

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