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Does the article explain why Paris Hilton served only five days of her sentence?

All the "Free Paris Now!" petitions to Gov. Schwarzenegger worked; Paris was released after only five days.


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This is a bit belated consider where the sentencing threads have gone, but I
posted  it yesterday and it yet to show up in my in-box, so I'm trying

Juile Krueger

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Wondering which of the two "sentencing" threads to post this to, I simply
decided to create a third - why not add to the confusion?  In any event,
Time has an interesting article on Libby's sentencing -- but it expands to
talk more broadly about sentencing in general. It clarified some things for
me, at least.  (Oh, and the whole intent/result thing is addressed in
it....not satisfactorily, but addressed.)


Julie Krueger

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