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>I read elsewhere that what P&M translate as "Roughly speaking: objects are
colourless" [which might suggest there is a contrasting sense in which they
have colour] is more properly translated as 'As an aside/By the
by/Incidentally: objects are colorless".<

The passage referred to is 2.0232:

Beilaufig gesprochen: Die Gegenstande sind farblos.

McGuinness and Pears translate 'Beilaufig gesprochen' not as 'Roughly speaking,'
but as 'In a manner of speaking.'

'Roughly speaking: objects are colourless,' is the Ogden translation.

As an adjective, 'beilaufig' could mean 'parenthetical' (a parenthetical remark)
but as an adverb (which it is here) it would seem to mean 'casually,' or
'informally.' In the new Mutton translation (see the forthcoming review by R.
Henninge, in das Bild) this passage reads: 'One might say that obects are
colorless.' Nichols and May (1961) translate 2.0232 as 'There is a sense in
which objects are colorless.' 

Robert Paul
Reed College
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