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Grice's tutee becomes tutor
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it bored  him -"bores me to tears". 
That Magee said of Witters's "Philosophical Investigations". Oddly, I never 
 was bored to tears. I mean, I have been bored. And I have been to tears. 
But the  combination never happened with me. I suppose tears are interesting 
per se, so I  suppose that if you shed them, you cannot longer be said to be 
'bored'. The idea  is that you are bored, you start to cry, and at that 
time, you are no longer  bored.
The fact is well known to mothers. Mine used to take me and my brother to  
the opera. My brother would be bored, and aparently, to tears. This had the  
effect that he had to be taken out of the box and kept in the corridor. 
Tears, when silent, would not have had that effect. But I assume that in  
general, when people say that something bores them to tears are not explicit 
as  to what sort of behaviour the boredom elicits. 
----- I'm glad Magee enjoyed the tutorials with Strawson. Unlike Grice,  
Strawson lacked a sense of humour. In Poland he was once challenged, "You are  
just a petite bourgeoise". He replied, "And is THAT meant as a criticism?"
------- (Since we have in this list someone who is obsessed as to correct  
quotes, I am relying on memory. It may have been Hungary rather than Poland. 
 It's in his "Intellectual Autobiography", in the "Library of Living  
Philosophers". Grice had accepted to participate in the series. Unfortunately,  
he died before the volume was out of print. His son suggested, "The Library 
of  Dead Philosphers", but the folks at the press objected that, 'by the same 
token,  we'd rather publish Plato'. Philosophical writing and publishing is 
not what it  used to be.

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