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Judy asks: Cinnamon in chili?

See below. Note the recommendation "Cinnamon (easy early, add more if needed later)."

I was not following the harmless recipe below. Still, it's worth noting that a profusion of rosemary and oregano can sometimes skew one's sense of "if needed later." Skew as in obliterate.

The result may be a Krakatoa of hypercinnamonization, a relentlessly caustic convergence of oversupplied nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, and black pepper.

Shortly thereafter, federal agents may burst through your door, confiscate the chili and your recipe, and classify both as a secret weapons project without even offering royalties or a buyout.



Sort of like this:

Al’s Chili

        * 3 lbs. ground sirloin
        * 1 medium onion
        * 1 green pepper
        * 1 red sweet pepper
        * 1 large can red kidney beans
        * 1 regular can chili beans
        * 1 large can tomato sauce
        * 1 large can whole or crushed tomato
        * 2 oz. lemon juice
        * 2 oz. Molasses or brown sugar
        * 3 oz. junk wine or beer
        * Ground black pepper
        * Salt
        * Rosemary
        * Ground cumin seed
        * Chili powder (it’s your stomach)
        * Red Pepper Flakes (don’t go nuts, it takes a while to warm up)
        * Oregano (somewhat generous)
        * Sweet Basil (somewhat generous)
        * Cinnamon (easy early, add more if needed later)
        * Nutmeg (easy early, add more if needed later)
        * Ground Cloves (very little)
        * Tarragon (microscopic)
        * Bay Leaf

from: http://www.mountain-breeze.com//kitchen/cuisine/2.html

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