[lit-ideas] Recommended Article from Prospect: Tariq Ramadan

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Dear Ida Lit, This article has been recommended to you by Omar (omarkusto@xxxxxxxxx) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prospect Magazine: Issue 124, 2006-07-22 Tariq Ramadan A CONFIDENT, MODERN ISLAM MUST CHALLENGE THE VICTIM MENTALITY OF WESTERN MUSLIMS AND A CRISIS OF AUTHORITY ACROSS THE FAITH, SAYS TARIQ RAMADAN. BUT CAN YOU BE A GAY MUSLIM? Ehsan Masood Q Why do you think that after more than 40 years of significant Muslim immigration to Europe, no Islamic reform movement has emerged here? A Well, there is nothing very visible yet. In a way that is not surprising, these things take time. But I believe a silent revolution is taking placeâ??things are evolving very fast. Muslims are now talking about national citizensh... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can see the entire article at: http://www.prospect-magazine.co.uk/article_details.php?id=7571 ================================================================================ Did you know you can subscribe to Prospect Magazine online? Find out more at http://www.prospect-magazine.co.uk ================================================================================ ------------------------------------------------------------------ To change your Lit-Ideas settings (subscribe/unsub, vacation on/off, digest on/off), visit www.andreas.com/faq-lit-ideas.html

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