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Did Ezra Pound know  Gonville?  

Apparently, not.
Apparently, he did not 'know', in Russell's terms, Roosevelt either.
"Nel 1939 Pound va negli Stati Uniti, per la prima volta dopo il  1910.
Vuole parlare con Roosevelt per evitare il conflitto tra USA e Italia, ma  
il presidente non lo riceve."
This episode may require some expansion. Did Pound send a letter to  
Roosevelt explaining the point of the meeting? "Wants to speak with Roosevelt"  
whom Pound then would then 'know' if not 'by acquaintace' as Russell would 
have  it, is pretty vague. The implicature of "[Roosevelt] does not receive 
[Ezra  Pound]" is that Roosevelt KNEW that Ezra Pound wanted to speak with him.
The encyclopaedia goes on to expand on the TOPIC of the eventual  
conversation ("evitare il conflitto tra USA e Italia"). This is vague in that 
it  may 
be the mere expression of wishful thinking, or it implicate that Ezra Pound 
 had a specific agenda in mind to 'avoid the war between Italy and the 
United  States'.
The encyclopaedia passage seems to implicate that Ezra Pound got to know  
that Roosevelt did not receive him -- which is vague, since it may implicate  
that Ezra Pound got to know the reason for Roosevelt not receiving him 
--"if a  reason should be given, in the first place", as Geary would add -- he 
is more  Griceian than I am, on occasions. ("Of second places, I'll abstain 
from  commenting, for the time being"). 
As things went on, both of Ezra Pound's parents ended up being buried in  
Italy -- in Rapallo. I believe Ezra Pound was forced to _yield_ his American  
citizenship (but cfr. "Once an American always an American") and one 
condition  of his release from Washington was that he would need to 'exile' in 
He came back to the United States shortly after that -- but he could have  
used his Italian passport.
Similarly, Ezra Pound did not know Jefferson, but knew OF Jefferson pretty  
well, and wrote ON Jefferson, on a number of occasions.
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