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To characterise Popper's position as "anti-naturalism" seems similarly
hopeless. For a useful indication of where Popper stands in relation to _one
strand_ of naturalism, there is the discussion of "Naturalistic" and
"Anti-Naturalistic" doctrines of explanation in "The Poverty of Historicism".
I suspect this does not get us very far on the issues before us.

Well, the relevant section Popper apparnetly entitles, "CRITICISM OF THE
ANTI-NATURALISTIC DOCTRINES." But I do not seem to find any use, other than
in the title, by Popper, of the adjective 'anti-naturalistic'.

In any case, I find that Materialism and Naturalism may relate -- both seem
forms of REDUCTIONISM, if we are approaching the thing methodologically.

I should re-read Campbell: I like his coinages, if not, to McEvoy,



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