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  Next Mr. Reagan and his pristine wife started the Drug program--you know
where they do autopsy's on you before you die. Well I was drug free thank
goodness--but I witnessed hundreds of people being fired because they smoked
   were they bad people? they did a good job. they managed to earn the
company money. but when =please excuse me + tested. Now dammit, Tested!!!!
they were fired! its okay because people like that don't deserve to work.

A.A.  If people are smoking weed and working as air traffic controllers, then 
they need to be fired.  I don't know the details of the strike, but I suspect 
it wasn't for the right to get high while working.  I did met the wife of a 
fired traffic controller back then, and she was hurting.  She kept saying, I 
know they'll bring them back.  

Andy Amago

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