[lit-ideas] Re: Orphan Often: Observations & Queries

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  • Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 09:08:51 -0700

> GENERAL:  I ask  you, have you ever known what it is to be an
> orphan?
> KING:     Often!
> GENERAL:  Yes, orphan.   Have you ever known what it is to be one?
> KING:     I  say, often.


#1 - "Who's on first?" 

I'm sure the precedents for Abbott & Costello go back before
G&S, but still, is there a *canonical* precedent for such
persistent comedic word-play?

#2 - of-ten

Some people somewhere say "off ten" and would be immune to
this particular loop. Is "off ten" the proper pronunciation
for any identifiable minority? 

#3 - my favourite ... "Lulu, Arf, 'n' ..." 

Pogo has an occassional sub-strip, starring Pogo in a blonde
ringletted wig with his eyeballs blunked out, called "LULU,
ARF 'N' ?????" I could try and look it up, but if I go to my
Pogo archive I won't resurface until Wednesday. Thus I must
call on my Lit-Ideas lifeline. What's the proper title? If
pressed, I would say "Lulu, Arf 'n' Nanny" (but that doesn't
seem right). Can anyone help?  

#4 - precedents 

Is there a canonical precedent for Walt Kelly's less
restrained word-play, e.g., 
"Deck us all with Boston Charlie ..." 

"Oh pick a pock of peach pits 
Pockets full of pie. 
Foreign twenny blackboards 
Baked until they cry. 
Winnipeg was open 
The burst agin to sing 
Oh worse'n that a danish ditch 
Was two by four the king."

#5 - on-line resources

Does anyone know of a a seriously rich on-line Pogo/Walt
Kelly archive? The sites I have turned up with Google are
very thin & not satisfactory.  

#6 - "Lit-Ideas" 

I can't think of a name for this group that comes even close
to the previously acceptable "Filleters" ...  Perhaps there
should be a contest mit prizes. Is this not Comrade
Commandant Savory's job??  How about it? 

Even though I chose *not* to send 6 separate e-mails, please
fell free to deal with these separately or partially rather
than not at all. 

thanks & best wishes

enjoying his 9th straight cold rainy day in 
Wank Hoover, 
Bee Sea

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