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Explanatory notes, pinned to an aphoristic post:
> When you say,  "Orphan," do you mean child without parents, or frequently?
> And do you  say child without parents frequently, that is do you say orphan
>  often?
Ref to "Pirates of Penzance."
Worth re-quoting. In ps. -- Cheers,

GENERAL STANLEY:  Tell me, have you ever known what it is to be an  
PIRATES:  (disgusted)  Oh, dash it all!  
KING:     Here we are again! 
GENERAL:  I ask  you, have you ever known what it is to be an  
KING:     Often! 
GENERAL:  Yes, orphan.   Have you ever known what it is to be one? 
KING:     I  say, often. 
ALL:      (disgusted)  Often,  often, often.  (Turning away) 
GENERAL:  I don't think we quite  understand one another.  I ask  
you, have you ever  known what it is to be an orphan,  
and you say "orphan".  As I understand you, you are  
merely repeating the  word "orphan" to show that you  
understand me.  
KING:     I didn't repeat the word often.  
GENERAL:  Pardon me, you did indeed. 
KING:      I only repeated it once. 
GENERAL:  True, but you repeated it.  
KING:     But not often. 
GENERAL:  Stop!   I think I see where we are getting confused.  
When you said  "orphan", did you mean "orphan",a person  
who has lost his  parents, or "often", frequently? 
KING:     Ah! I eg  pardon-  I see what you mean -- frequently. 
GENERAL:  Ah! you said  "often", frequently. 
KING:     No, only once.  
GENERAL:  (irritated)  Exactly-  you said "often",  frequently, 
only  once. 

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