[lit-ideas] Re: 'Old Manorial House'

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  • Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 14:59:18 EDT

D. Ritchie quotes my quote from Spalding's quote from Garnett:
     "*the only song she knew*
     the 'Old Manorial  House',
     'she stood there slightly self-conscious,  
     noble and yet  amused at herself and
*the ridiculous  words*...

and comments:

>This is a tough one.  I can supply an old 
>rustic bridge by a mill or old folks at home, 
>but no old manorial houses.

Thanks anyway.
Apparently, no Google hits for 'Old Manorial House'. It may turn out that  
the only song Vanessa Bell knew, nobody else does.
Anyway, I'm thinking of inquiring the Ballad-List.


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