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D. Ritchie writes of the "Daily Express Community Song Book" (1927) and the  
absence of great Great-War material -- as per below --, but note the two gems  
whose lyrics he transcribes.
I was reading the bio of Ralph Richardson and see that he was in the cast  of 
"Oh What A Lovely War" (Also Maggie Smith and Dirk Bogarde, I understand).  
While I have a copy of the audiotape of the London production, I never managed  
to see the film (was told it was not that good [as the stage play])  -- but 
now wonder if it's on DVD. 
In any case, the two song Ritchie transcribes the lyrics for sound as  
straight from that show.
>I was interested to see whether the war's songs 
>were included. "[It's a  long way to] Tipperary" isn't 
>in the collection. Nor is  [Novello-Davies/Ford] 
>"Keep the Home Fires Burning."  But "Pack  Up 
>Your Troubles" is.  As are the two ditties quoted below.  
>[Apres la guerre fini and And when I die] 
>I think it's more likely to be a matter of avoiding copyright fees, 
>than any indication of commun[]al suppression coming 
>undone ...er, like a prarie fire.

>Apres la guerre fini
>we'll go home to Blighty
>Won't we  be sorry to leave chere Germaine
>Apres la guerre fini
>Apres la  guerre fini
>English soldier parti
>Mam'selle Francais beaucoup  picanniny
>Apres la guerre fini
>Lorsque la guerre  fini
>Soldat Anglais parti
>Napoo bully beef comme  souvenie
>Madame, your soup's no bonne
>And When I Die (call and  response song)
>Don't bury me at all
>Just pickle my bones
>In  alcohol
>Put a bottle of booze
>At my head and my feet
>And  then I know
>my bones will keep.

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