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My HVAC man is much nicer than that.  He calls me Ma'am.    Which makes me 
feel old and him feel courtious.
Julie Krueger

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I've dreamed some more dreams lately, but alas, I  can't recall even the 
first detail of any one of them.   I  know though that I've dreamed.  Trying to 
remember a dream is like trying  to remember a forgotten name, it recedes 
with every increase in  concentration -- perhaps that's the force behind the 
universe  expanding.  Maybe it's God trying to remember where He put  things.  
Could I remember one, I promise you I would recount it here  in all it's 
incoherence for your wonder and edification.  But as  per usual, of late life's 
been throwing me only the dregs, nothing but  dull, stale, flat and dourly 
uninteresting reality.  My life consists of  leaking joints, sticking valves, 
out diaphragms and shorted motor  windings.  Customers bitch at me.  "Hey, 
don't blame me," I snap back  at them, "I didn't buy this piece of shit, you 
  Now you'll  just have to suck up my repair bills."  Yes, Virginia, there is 
poetic  justice in the world.  Sometimes the poor do get to stick it to the  
rich.  But precious seldom.  Precious seldom.
Mike Geary

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