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I think Bush referred to Iraq as a comma recently -- 
"I like to tell people when the final history is  written on Iraq, it will 
look like just a comma because there is -- my point is,  there's a strong will 
for democracy." --George W. Bush, interview with CNN's  Wolf Blitzer, Sept. 24, 
This may change things for grammarians and  text-editors.
Julie Krueger
always watching punctuation

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> >>Anyone up for a discussion  of 'nihilism'?
> Why is there something rather than  nothing?

No, no; you forgot the comma. The question must  read:

"Why, is there something rather than nothing?"

Walter  O.
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Nihilists
Department of  Rortain Studies
University of Virginia

P.S. Belated Thanksgiving  greetings to one and  all.
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