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It's good to know someone is benefiting.  Once Bush's ineptitude catches up to 
us, the bonuses may not seem quite as worth it.  In my opinion, Bush will be 
the turning point for the U.S. from where we've known it to date.  He did 
intend to leave a big footprint.  More advice from God no doubt.

I've been wondering, if God told Bush to invade (what a great reason to 
invade), and invade the wrong country no less, and the war went so sourly, is 
Bush now wondering what the Lord was thinking?  Seriously, how does Bush square 
having gotten bad advice from God?  

Andy Amago


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Not to  mention that the guys wouldn't need anything if Fearless Leader was 
out there  fighting terrorists instead of breeding them.  

Look, it has created incredible job security for my siblings. I have one  who 
is completely in charge of a brand new area in NSA because of the war in  
Iraq.  (think of the bonuses gotten in my family this year!!  I was  stunned to 
hear, for the first time [dang, I'm so naive--] of the $$ that the  federal 
government gives its people in bonuses.  And, I was involved,  rather smartly 
firmly, that they deserve them and they are rightfully given.  (never mind 
that MY government entity has claimed, for years, that NO government  entities 
would EVER give/get/receive bonuses because they were serving the  public 
interest. I did forward onto the two who make those decisions the  information 
regarding federal bonuses in the hopes that they would see the light  and use 
of the $$ we waste on little-used databases for bonuses for our  people. 
Alas. They are far too idealistic and get far too many strokes spouting  off 
$$ millions we spend on technology (forget that they refuse to market it  ... 
if we build it, they will come...even if they have no idea it exists.  
Nevermind...<sigh>)   At least no one who suggests bonuses  spouts off the 
'we are a government entity and are above all of the  financial aspects that a 
corporation is' any longer.  (one of the hq people  did this year--her son 
got a $50 gift card from his company and he's only been  there for 90 days and 
makes minimum wage--she's been with the library for  24  years and has never 
gotten one...)  (I also have to admit that my  staff has shared with Others 
came to light--we are SO naive in my world it  is incredible. No wonder they 
almost all voted for Bush..<wry look>)
Wondering what sort of bonus Rumsfeld is receiving this year,
Marlena in Missouri

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