[lit-ideas] Re: Mysteries of Outlook Express

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I can only give you misery is company.  My husband who uses the  abominable 
Outlook software has had the same problem frequently and asks me to  fix it 
(yeah, right).  Usually it takes a call to the local server, waiting  
interminably, and re-entering the POP address.  They seem to require this  
every few 
months.  I'm sure there must be some sort of conspiracy behind it  but I lack 
sufficient clues.
Got to go rescue an animal from a 1 1/2 yr old I'm watching.  Tell me  why I 
have cats, birds, mice, and toddlers in the same house.  Coffee just  isn't 
going to be enough.
Julie Krueger

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Can anyone explain to me why all of a sudden I can  only receive e mails in 
Outlook Express, but not send them?  This is  truly starting to irritate  me.

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