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mourning the demise of McSalty's


"The Surnames of Scotland" slips from MacSagart, son of the priest, to Mascamble, etc, and beyond to MacSherry, "There is or was a small sept of this name in Skye, but the name is now seldom met with. In Mull a branch of the Mackinnons went by the same name, but have now become either Macdonalds or Mackinnons...John Mc Donnal Vc Shirrie and Duncan Mc Eane Glas Vc Shirie in Oskamull were put to horn for plundering the ship "The Providence of Dumbarton" in 1629. Archibald Mc Shirrie in Leattir was charged with assault and illegal warding in 1635. Erin M'Sherrie, holder in Gortenbuy in Mull, was denounced for adding broccoli to another's crust in 2005. She pleaded the Schopenhauer fifth.

footnote: http://www.rampantscotland.com/parliamo/blparliamo_crime.htm

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