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At last. A Playbook to refer back to when things get muddled. Thanks, Andreas

Andreas Ramos wrote:

India, China, Pakistan, and Russia are quietly sending supplies to the insurgents in Iraq. Weapons, money, etc.

Why? None of them want the US to be the dominant power in southern Asia. They may not be able to control the region, but in any case, they can make sure the US won't control it.

And it amuses them to see the US caught up in an annoying situation; this means the US has less time and effort to cause trouble for them.

(Can someone tell Lawrence to not read this next sentence?) (Is he gone?) (Good). The US is funding (money, weapons, etc.) Islamic jihadists in South Russia and Western China. That's right: The USA is funding the Islamo-totalitarian-leftist-liberal-tree-huggers. Why? It ties up the Russians and the Chinese in their area. Of course, some of those US weapons end up in Iraq, pointed at US troops. But, hey, why worry about the little people. It's the Big Picture that counts.

Sure, this all gets very convoluted. Remember the Contras in Nicaragua? Reagan (illegally) sold US weapons to Iran (aka Islamo-totalitarians) to get money to buy weapons from East Germany to supply their mercenaries in Nicaragua and Guatemala. Can you keep that straight? Capitalist pigs sold weapons to Islamic revolutionaries who hate the USA and the money went to Communists to get weapons to fight a peasant socialist revolution.

Remember the war in Serbia? The USA was supporting the Islamic jihadists. Israel, meanwhile, was sending weapons to Milosevic, a Nazi fascist.

Or the Kashmir. Pakistan is funding the Taliban and al Qaeda, who are in the Kashmir. India is fighting them. The USA plays pals with India, but funds Pakistan. How do you think the Pakistani Islamic extremists got the bomb? The US gave it to them. Pakistan is a nice counterbalance to India. It ties down India, and the USA doesn't want them to get too big.

No easy assignment of labels, like Lawrence wants to do.

So, all this war stuff that Lawrence likes? It's all fraud. Both sides. All six sides. Their noble truths are just horrible lies. It's all just war, war, war. A few men make lots of money; the politicians get power, and the little people get dead.

What is all of this duplicity called? It has a great name. And I named it, just for Lawrence.

       The Cash of Civilizations.

yrs, andreas www.andreas.com

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