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  • Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2006 16:34:53 -0500

At 02:48 PM 2/6/2006, you wrote:

MG: "I've been kicked off Theoria!!!"

PE: For the little it is worth, I unsubbed myself. Mike, your politics suck
but this wasn't fair.

With Eric, Phil, Mike, Ursula (and probably others) gone we - the remaining few [on that other list] -- might just find out that there is in fact a number less than zero, which is how many posts are NOW going to exist o an list evidently only consisting of Lance, Delia, Tom and Larry who, to varying degrees, all fall on the same side of the fence... oh, and as of a few hours ago, Lawrence was still an active member too. I know it'll be the end of the world as we know it when he unsubs voluntarily.

one side firmly on either side of the fence,
generally middling, but specifically radical,

Paul Stone
Kingsville, ON, Canada

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