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It's a wonderful world.
Of course:
Do not multiply worlds beyond necessity.
Mundi non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem.
I was reading a history of Italian literature. The problem started early  
enough, in what the Italians call the 'duecento'. Up to that time, poets were 
 supposed to be _singers_. Sicilians were bad at singing (unlike the 
Provencals).  So, they found that it was best to think of a poet as a composer 
('dictator') of  verse, rather than its performer. Downhill since then. (In 
more 'abstrat' terms,  it is performing that makes music what it is; a score is 
a possibility of  performances -- performing can but belong to _this_ 
Mill's philosophy of mathematics is my favourite. One orange, two oranges,  
three oranges. Nothing abstract about counting. Incidentally, some Romance  
speakers, again, got confused about that. They thought that 'norange', was  
Italian for 'one orange' ("un'"). Therefore, they thought that the real 
noun  started with 'orange', rather than with the nasal sound before it 
('norange').  The rest is history. Natural numbers (the only thing that exists 
maths)  belong then in this world, the only world that exists, incidentally.
The big problems are getting _value_ in *this* world too, and Grice managed 
 that ("The conception of value") -- his view can be seen as 
_naturalistic_, in  that while value itself is Not 'evidently' natural ("She 
likes to die 
her hair")  utlimately it _is_ (via higher-order bouletic iterations: "She 
is not a blonde,  but she wished she were -- she values blonde in stuff" -- 
in Griceian parlance:  she is a non-natural blonde ('blonde-nn'). Mutatis 
mutandis for all  value-oriented epithets, like 'good' and 'terrific').
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