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McEvoy was referring to 'music' (as such) as a  third-worldly phenomenon. I 
disagree. There's nothing more physical than music,  some say (some not).

The quote then, about this lack of musical knowledge  by the later 
Italians, from Cambridge Companion to Italian  Literature:

"One [bad] consequence of this ... [is] that the  link
between poetry and music (which still survives in the
terminology of  forms: 'sonetto', 'canzone', 'ballata', etc.)
was [lost]. Much of the  [earlier Italian] poetry was [sung],
and the [Biographies] state [how] gifted  with a good singing voice 
poets were."

"But now poetry began to be  _read_, and not _sung_, sadly
freed from aedic considerations. The poet's  task was now
deemeed to be 'dittare' (to dictate), not 'cantare' (to  sing)."

As we say, downhill onwards. Of course with the advent of Opera,  Peri, the 
composer, found that HE could play Apollo in the first opera ever --  and 
he did ("Dafne", 1600, at Carlo Bardi's House, in Firenze -- the rest is  



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