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Marlena, (forgive me if I'm repeating this, guys, it's been a long  
incredibely tough few weeks), I recently heard some people being interviewed on 
who were undecided.  One lady who sounded "elderly" (how does one sound  
and why did I think that?) was talking about the Republican Convention  and 
said it was so exciting and fun and then there was the whole religion thing  
and then she actually said, "you know, a vote for Bush is a vote for God" and I 
wanted to be ill.  Hmmm.....actually that may have been when I started to  be 
ill.....  Bush is (IMHO) more than a little like people who  drive planes 
into towers in the name of God and call themselves good  religionists  (I mean, 
good Muslims/Christians/take-your-pick).
Julie Krueger
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Does   anyone  here 
think events like this really make a  difference?   To, for example,   

Yes.  Not so much 'his death' but the  fact that he really was trying  to 
stem cell research and all the  promises it brings--real.

What it serves is more discussion--and yes, I  do believe very much that my  
phone call on Friday night after the  debate had much to do with Kerry's 
on 'science' and stem cell  research.  Enough to change those minds?   Maybe 
not, but  maybe so.  

For there are, apparently, lots of people who are  unaware of the science in  
the whole issue--in spite of what we  thinking thoughtful idea-oriented types 
might be aware of...

I  know about three couples who are still undecided.  And, Paul is   
correct--they have always (except for one) leaned towards the  Republican  
orientation--but they are not liking alot of what has  happened.  But, they  
would all three 
be going against not only  family tradition, but what is being  taught in 
churches...but  they are aware that tradition is not always best  in all 
circumstances  and they are aware enough to be troubled by aspects of  faith 
Bush does not have in himself or in his policies but which Kerry  does  (you 
know, the whole 'when you do this unto the least of these, you  have  done it 
me' and 'remember the stranger in the land'  concepts...)

Just my  thoughts,

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