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Judith - Here's another link - out of 118,000 links -
that discusses 
Refugees. Omar will vehemently dislike this one
too...Stan Spiegel

*The matter of the Jews who came to Israel from the
Arab countries is not all that new to me, having been
married to descendant of one such family. I don't
remember them ever refering to themselves as
'refugees,' though. (Does 'refugees' need the capital
letter ?)

Arab countries
> rapidly integrated into the
> modern society of Israel. This, despite the fact
> that Israel is a tiny
> country (about size of New Jersey) without any of
> the world's richest
> resources of petroleum in Arab countries. Today, the
> majority of the people
> in Israel are the descendants of Jews from Arab
> countries. (European Jews
> and their descendants constitute less than half the
> population of Israel).

*Israel was insufficiently populated after the
Palestinians were expelled, and it needed a cheap
industrial workforce. Receiving them also boosted its
image as a Jewish state. On the other hand, if you
would talk to some of those people, you would find
that many of them frequently bitterly complain about
their treatment in Israel. They usually mention the
DDT with which they were greeted on the arrival, but
it really has more to do with persistent
discrimination in education, employment etc.

> Arab refugee problem was created by the seven Arab
> countries that attacked
> Israel in 1948. Arab refugees were intentionally not
> integrated into the
> Arab lands to which they fled, despite the fact
> total territory of Arab
> countries is about 700 times greater than that of
> Israel. Out of about
> 100,000,000 refugees since World War II, theirs is
> the only refugee group in
> the world that has not been absorbed into their own
> peoples' lands. 

*Had they been absorbed, the Palestinian nation would
have simply disappeared. (Of course, the Zionists
would have loved that.) This would also call into
question the legitimacy of their own nation-states.
There is no state in the world that simply turns
refugees into its own citizens. (Other than Israel, on
condition that they are Jewish and thus elligible to
serve in the army.)

> nations still maintain generations of the
> descendants of the refugees in so
> called "refugee camps" under squalid conditions with
> the hope that someday
> they will dislodge the Jews in Israel. The money
> spent by the Arab countries
> on armaments would be sufficient to build houses for
> all so called
> "refugees". 

*Maybe. But if the Arab countries were not spending
anything on armament, they might also have been
conquered by Israel by now.

> The responsibility for keeping the Arab population
> who are descendants of
> the Arab refugees, rests only on the shoulders of
> the Arab countries that
> created the problem by attacking Israel in 1948.

*Did they create the problem ? It's strange that most
Palestinians were expelled before the Arab troops
came. It may be that the Arab states need to treat the
refugees more responsibly. But is it maintained here
that Arab refugees have no right to return to their
homes, or to retribution, because there are Arab
countries they can go to ?


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