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  • Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 07:48:58 +0100

Le 4 nov. 04, =E0 22:20, Andreas Ramos a =E9crit :

> There were conflicting reports Thursday about the state of Yasser=20
> Arafat's health. There was
> some speculation that he may have died, but the rumors were quickly=20
> denied by officials.
> General Christian Estripeau of the French defense forces made this=20
> short statement "Mr.
> Arafat is not dead. Mr. Arafat's clinical situation has become more=20
> complex."
> His clinical condition has become more complex? :-)

M.C. This was a poor translation from the French, I'm afraid. In actual=20=

fact, the General stated that Arafat had in fact died but had=20
subsequently been resurrected from the dead, so that there is now a=20
certain amount of debate as to how to classify his status. Some=20
suggestions so far include "both dead and alive", "neither dead nor=20
alive", "undead", "zombie", and Messiah". Quite frankly, I assume the=20
general is just stalling for time, waiting for the Ascension, when the=20=

question will be moot.
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